Murray won the runner up and thanked his wife in labor Thank you for supporting you ca1805

Murray won the runner up for labor wife: Thank you for your support is the end of the legendary [Abstract]1 Sept. 31 men’s singles final, Germany 3 to 0 sweep Murray winning the Australian Open sixth crown. In addition, this is also Germany’s eleventh Grand Slam trophy, which ranked fourth in the open era. After […]

Liu Yifei buys a car like a dish, from Ferrari to bullet proof car – Sohu

Liu Yifei like to buy the car, from Ferrari to bulletproof cars – Sohu Beijing luxury car Liu Yifei is said to have an area of four thousand or five thousand square meters, whether investment or living or the area is a lot of big stars do not enjoy the luxury, certainly with luxury cars, Liu Yifei’s car really did not let people disappointed, from Ferrari Bentley, Land Rover, Porsche, Mercedes Benz,, bulletproof car, light can string a bunch of keys. Her first look at Ferrari, the appearance of high rate of Ferrari is a value of 4 million 430 thousand Spider, the hardtop convertible, at the gas station met, met in the high-speed road, sometimes open it in some conference. Buy this car is to pay the full amount, accompanied by the broker Chen Jinfei bought. Liu Yifei’s car team how little of a Bentley, in some of the wedding team often see Bentley used when the wedding car, an interesting phenomenon is that Liu Yifei has never participated in any of the star’s wedding, this Bentley Mu is the price as high as 4 million 980 thousand, Bentley is synonymous with luxury. Sitting in the car to play the phone is Liu Yifei, this car is too familiar, it is simply the favorite entertainment stars ah. Mercedes Benz G off-road vehicles, a lot of stars, Li Yuchun, Yang Kun, and so on, this is the G55 AMG, about 2000000 luxury SUV, ah. This car regardless of appearance or performance is "man", Liu Yifei usually go out love this car, is really a little "armed" love not love attire mean. Singer Yang Kun is also a white. Have to go out and broker Liu Yifei K song, is the G55, behind the Mercedes S600 car brokers. Porsche Cayenne S, this car is Liu Yifei’s mother has been in use, to transfer to buy food sometimes mom to take care of Liu Yifei Liu life. Look at the mother Liu Porsche’s interior will know that this is a car old car, steering wheel cover, seat cushion readily available, millions of luxury SUV was so dress up some of the soil. The Land Rover Range Rover aurora in all her car which is the most "cheap" of a car, but the appearance is cool, color is in fashion, parked in the light of the media downstairs. The Porsche Panamera hatchback, a woman should have love, Liu Yifei is no exception, it belongs to the basic models, 1 million 140 thousand. All luxury car inside the most heavyweight car, GMC business star, can also be said to be a nanny nanny car, not only the car’s weight of nearly 3 tons, the most important it is a bulletproof version. Originally purchased in Beijing nanny car, known as the whole car bulletproof, priced at nearly ten thousand. At the age of 30 with many luxury cars, it is so many Indoorsman fell dejected.相关的主题文章:

Jaguar XFL currently sold 388 thousand times to send the basic maintenance of the 10

At present, 388 thousand from the sale of the Jaguar XFL sent 10 basic maintenance promotion time: 2016.10.08-2016.10.22 2017 Jaguar XFL XFL 2.0T 240PS exclusive version of Phoenix car price information news: Recently, Phoenix car regional editor from Beijing Kingvic express was informed by the dealer, the store is currently Jaguar XFL models have a large number of cars in the sale, Car Buying no concessions to enjoy million yuan package, send 10 basic maintenance. Interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. Please see the table below: XFL latest price quotation unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of inventory situation 2016 2.0T 200PS version 38.80 Fenghua 38.80 inquiry 0 cars are plentiful 2016 2.0T 200PS Elite Edition 40.80 40.80 inquiry 0 cars are plentiful 2016 2.0T 200PS Deluxe Edition 43.60 43.60 2016 inquiry 0 cars are plentiful 2.0T 240PS Deluxe Edition 45.60 45.60 inquiry 0 cars are plentiful 2016 2.0T 240PS exclusive edition 48.80 48.80 inquiry 0 cars are plentiful 2016 2.0T 240PS luxury edition 56.80 56.80 inquiry 0 cars are plentiful 2016 3.0T 340PS exclusive edition 61.80 61.80 inquiry 0 cars are plentiful 2016 3.0T 340PS luxury edition 68.80 68.80 inquiry 0 cars are plentiful more discount please call dealer free Tel: 400-068-1313 6682017 Jaguar XFL XF L 2.0T 240PS exclusive version of the financial policy of insurance, priced at 388 thousand to 2016 2.0T 200PS Fenghua version as an example, the first car insurance costs 11 thousand yuan. According to the calculation of loans, the benchmark interest rate 30% down payment period of three years, Shoufu 162 thousand yuan (including cars, licensing, insurance, purchase tax and security etc.), for the month of 8100 yuan. Specific costs based on models to store accounting prevail. Maintenance costs: Jaguar XFL models enjoy 3 km vehicle warranty of 100 thousand years. Regular maintenance cycle for every 5000 km to replace oil, machine filter, the cost of the shop price. Replace the oil filter costs to the store price, the maintenance fee is only as a reference, because of differences in different maintenance materials will cause maintenance costs. Specific costs according to different models in order to store accounting prevail. Jaguar XFL vehicle maintenance and maintenance information sheet maintenance information warranty cycle 3 years 100 thousand km maintenance cycle of 5000 km to replace the oil filter costs相关的主题文章: