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180 degree turn: Google suspended modular mobile phone project Tencent Francisco Reuters reported two informed sources, in order to simplify the hardware business, Alphabet subsidiary of Google (micro-blog) has suspended modular intelligent mobile phone Project project Ara. This marks Google’s attitude towards the modular mobile phone project has undergone a 180 degree turn. Google in May this year, the developer conference, said the first Project Ara modular phone will be released in the fall of the developer version, the consumer version will be officially listed in 2017. The purpose of the Project Ara project is to develop a highly modular smartphone via open source hardware. This project allows consumers like Lego blocks are free to choose, replace and remove any components, including the processor, screen, keyboard, mobile phone batteries and other common components and so on, which allows consumers to easily replace parts of a fault caused by single or outdated, so as to reduce electronic waste, and the greatest degree of extension the life cycle of mobile phone. One person familiar with the situation, although Google will not personally release Project Ara phone, but may be signed by a partner with a license agreement so that the third party will Project Ara technology to the market. Cutting off the Project Ara project is one of Google’s first initiatives for a unified hardware business. Google’s hardware business is numerous, including Chromebook laptops and Nexus smartphones. Motorola’s former CEO Rick · Oosterloo (Rick Osterloh) in May this year to join Google, responsible for hardware department. Google sold the Motorola mobile division to Lenovo Group in 2014. Modular intelligent machine is likely to extend the life of equipment, reduce e-waste, thus triggering a strong interest in the technology industry. However, research firm TECHnalysis Research analyst Bob · (Bob O ‘Donnell), said the replacement parts make mobile phones become cumbersome and expensive, these devices are difficult to enter the market in the. He was not surprised by Google’s suspension of the project. "It’s a failed science experiment and they’re making adjustments," said O Don Nair. Project Ara is an important project for the Google ATAP team. The team’s goal is to develop new equipment, they used to stop some of the prospects of the project. Last year, Google shelved plans to cooperate with Latin American operators in the sale of modular mobile phones in Puerto Rico. (compile wing fly) promotion: mobile phone will be replaced by VR? How will VR change life? Everything about VR, here, VR dimension WeChat public number (qqtechvr), a virtual world quest!相关的主题文章: