19 year old girl was raped on the way to work because she did it yezimei

19 year old girl was raped and killed the job on the road because she did it from metropolis daily at the age of 19, a girl missing out as pretty as a flower, unexpected job. 3 days later, her body appeared in Hannan River, this life came to an abrupt end…… The river discovered floating corpses! The morning of September 2nd, the crew Yao and usual wash up. He stood on the third floor of Restroom barges from the window, four around, suddenly found the river water in the grass, with a person". At first, he was suspected to be a model of the human body, he called on colleagues to see the boat, even after the discovery of a corpse! The police after receiving the alarm, rushed to the Shamao Hannan Street Industrial Park River pier. After the scene, identified the body wearing a white short sleeved, naked, the abdomen is two cm long about twenty knife, mouth and nose are affixed with transparent tape. Young girl suddenly disappeared! Police through the investigation of missing persons and DNA identification technology confirmed that the victim is three days ago after the disappearance of the work of the younger sister of 19 years younger. The investigation, in July last year, Hunan girl rain came to Wuhan, working in an auto parts company, Hannan district. Just shortly before the incident, the rain resignation stay at home. On the morning of August 30th, after the rain alone go out to apply for a job without news, his boyfriend A Qiang (a pseudonym) worried about their safety immediately reported to the police. Confirm the victim identity, the police found a strong and understanding of the situation, and according to their description, retrieval of surveillance video along the way. Soon, there was a major breakthrough in the case… A "good" man! The missing day display, monitoring, the rain had to apply for a job in the industrial park, three companies have failed, along the ride is the same car red tricycle. After investigation, the police locked the three wheeled car owners Nguyen as the number one suspect. The afternoon of September 4th, "ruanmou" Moon Bay Road in Hannan was arrested by the police. So, the case the whole story gradually surfaced…… August 30th, light alone to work in the industrial park. Because not familiar with the bus route, she chose to ride the tricycle to. Looking for the first two tricycles are quoted price of 25 yuan, rain feel expensive. Encountered third cars is Nguyen, he received only $20, so the rain on the car. Along the way, the rain play mobile phone in the back seat, "ruanmou" to naturally or half unconsciously. I heard the rain to interview a number of enterprises, "ruanmou" initiative "when a car, carrying her past interview. From 9:40 in the morning to 11, light rain ran a total of three units, did not find the desired position. Every time she went into the interview, Nguyen will wait outside the door, the warm and thoughtful service gradually won the trust of rain. With an ugly face, girl was brutally murdered! When nearly noon, see light rain depression, Ruan a initiative to ask her to dinner. Ruan was carrying a light rain came to the old bus station near a small restaurant, between meals, Ruan drank a little wine, two people also talk about a good return fee of a total of 40 yuan, rain saved the Ruan phone, said the convenience of the future car. After paying the bill, Ruan said to pack the rest相关的主题文章: