2016 college students love white paper ” contract lovers ” love mode held by Sohu Education ca1290

2016 college students love couple ": " contract; love education mode by holding Sohu – Guangming October 28, 2016, campus love grow first platform "I want to know you" the United Chinese university youth leaders summit, Yanyuan Bosi psychological counseling center jointly issued the "white paper" 2016 China college students love. According to statistics, the number of Chinese students in 35 million 590 thousand, of which the proportion of love experience up to 80%. Love, has become a compulsory course for college students. Campus love way to grow the first platform — "I want to know you" qualitative research and quantitative research, from the 956741 dimensions of the user platform, according to the region, school, grade and gender, 36741 college students selected for systematic research to grasp the love psychology of contemporary college students, help them establish a correct outlook on love. Help the health of college students love. 2016 Chinese college students love scene 40% students is released by boring love 60% students love heavy the other character I want to know you "data center shows that 40% of the students love because life is boring. Bid farewell to the tense high school period, came to study, life, emotions are very open and Free University, many students feel uncomfortable. No academic pressure and academic problems, residential quarters, playing games, watching anime, after the novel became a popular way of life of College students. In order to get rid of the boredom of life, many students will hope to fall in love, hoping to have a person to accompany themselves, to spend the same university life. Data center also showed that 60% of college students love each other more emphasis on the "character" and "character". And the impression of 90 "publicity", "open" and "idiotic" label, for students with emotional problems quite rational. In terms of the requirements of the opposite sex, morality accounted for 33%, ranking first, character accounted for more than 27%, ranking the first in the appearance of the proportion of 16%, ranking in the top third. College students fall in love, but also hope to find the right character and the other half of the character Nice. More than half of college students have a sexual relationship with the economically developed areas of high proportion of love, I want to know you, the data center shows that the proportion of sexual relations between college students 57%. Due to the physiological and psychological development of college students, the relationship between the two sides to a certain degree of sublimation, sexual relations are considered normal. And with the progress of the concept of thinking, the couple premarital sex also gradually accepted by society. In a sexual relationship, 65% of couples will use contraceptive measures. On the one hand, it shows that college students hold a tolerant attitude towards sex, but on the other hand, it also shows that college students are very serious about sexual behavior. From the geographical point of view, Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, the highest proportion of college students love. Economically developed areas, students are generally more open to the concept of love tolerance will be higher. In the sample survey, the proportion of college students in Beijing as high as 20%, ranking first; Nanjing college students love ratio of 19%, ranking second; Guangzhou college students love ratio相关的主题文章: