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In 2016, the Jilin provincial Party Committee visited the first round of the 36 units rectification announcement – Jilin Channel – people.com.cn original title: face to enact reform legislation according to the provincial unified deployment, beginning in early March 2016, to the end of the end of May, the provincial 13 inspection teams to 26 units to carry out special inspections, 10 units of the "back see". Provincial inspection group at the beginning of July to the 36 patrol unit of feedback. The day before, the provincial inspection office announced in 2016 the first round of inspections of 36 provincial patrol unit of rectification patrol. According to the inspection feedback questions and inspections transfer issues clues, patrol units with a high degree of political consciousness, earnestly rectification patrol as a major political task conscientiously. First, a clear responsibility requirements. Patrol feedback, patrol units to seriously develop reform proposals, clear rectification task deadline and the division of responsibilities, some units to set up a special rectification team with strict spirit and practical style, step by step compaction responsibility, adhere to the problem does not identify the miss, miss, not to pursue the responsibility rectification is not complete. Two is to highlight the problem oriented. The inspection feedback exists in "inner-party supervision is not strict" party construction "weaknesses" and "violates the provisions of the central eight mental problems can not ban" and "making use of non-standard problems, patrol unit party organization to effectively fulfill the main responsibility to deeply understand the full implementation of strict requirements to strengthen the theoretical study, improve and perfect the system of Party building system, strict ideological and political construction, basic construction, supervision and management of cadres, cadre style construction, promote problem solving, ensure the rectification to achieve tangible results. Three is to deepen the rectification results. Next, patrol unit will further bring the rectification work and the "two a" study and education combined, and to do this work together, strengthen the inspection results of the use, summarize new experience, solve new problems, and make sure each piece is nowhere to be found. Welcome to the cadres and the masses to supervise implementation of the rectification patrol, the patrol unit of specific rectification and contact details of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Department website (reporter He Lindi) (commissioning editor: Intern, Wang Diyuan)相关的主题文章: