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32 years, women’s volleyball team spirit of innovation in passing the torch – Sports – people.com.cn original title: 32 years, women’s volleyball team spirit of innovation in passing the torch to Beijing Xinhua sports news August 29th Xinhua News Agency reporter Yao Youming Wu Shuguang Kong Xiangxin the first three ball project world champion, Olympic champion, won the world"…… It created too many "first" in the history of sports in new china". The new old alternate, the changes of the times and hardships…… Once in the second Asia level struggle. Hard work, unity and fight hard pioneer…… In a round in the throes of rebirth?. Dare to fight tough, never give up, stick to the tradition…… Never forget my duty and responsibility. From their championship to led the championship in Olympic Games, the "iron hammer" Lang Ping 32 years of struggle. Chinese volleyball girls dare to go beyond the spirit of self in the Rio Olympics burst out of the forge ahead, that is their own and social wealth, but also a women’s volleyball team as the backbone of the three big ball "trump" and Chinese Teams group project, its strong vitality and appeal for many years without fading. 1984: to unite, rejuvenation of the 1984 Losangeles Olympic Games champion, the door was a brave and smart girl knocked on China! Similar to the Rio Olympic Games women’s volleyball team, the Chinese women’s volleyball team in the final match, but also in the group stage to beat the Chinese team. However, the women’s volleyball girls with a practical action to tell people, when life failed even fall into the trough, fear of failure occurred in vain, exercise strong anti frustration ability is the top of the ladder. It turned out that the influence of tears winning moment, to the people left a deep memory. The Losangeles Olympics is China’s return to the Olympic family after participating in the first Summer Olympics, when our country is in an important historical period of reform and opening up, women’s volleyball victory greatly inspired the people of the whole country’s morale. Study of women’s volleyball Yongpangaofeng and win glory for the country at that time has become a landmark event, inspiring people with more high morale and confidence to move forward with the pace to catch up with the world. Then won the player’s story, is still almost completely sealed in the memory of a generation of people. Cao Huiying in the game seriously injured, and suffered from other diseases, can only use seven fingers in the root of normal play; setter Sun Jinfang, had been seriously injured in hospital from the waist up, went straight to the training field, can take away the ball into a plume of smoke ";" iron hammer "Lang Ping, a training course continue to buckle two, three hundred balls; for hard defense, average every member of a training session to do more than 400 times rolling ball. As the old women’s volleyball women’s volleyball team spirit "pioneers, with their collective unity, sincere dedication, unremitting struggle, enrich the core connotation of Chinese sports spirit. "Unite and revitalize china!" The epoch-making sports let 30 years ago the young generation made patriotic ambition. They fought in the various positions of society, patriotism, innovation, dedication, dedication, many people later became a model of the times. 2004: do not forget the beginning of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games women’s volleyball finals, many people still remember. China)相关的主题文章: