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This year, 61 New Taiwan funded enterprises registered in Jiangxi – Jiangxi Channel – the fourteenth session of the Jiangxi Jiangxi economic and trade cooperation and exchange conference will be held in Nanchang in from October 15 to 17, 2016. The fourteenth session of the 450 million session of Jiangxi Taiwan economic and trade cultural cooperation and exchange conference held on 9, revealed that this year, 1~9 months, to our province’s new registered Taiwan funded enterprises 61, the actual investment of US $, maintain a good momentum of sustained and rapid growth. To attract Taiwan to participate in the new development of this "Gan Gan Taiwan" is the theme of the two sides of a pro, hand in hand with hard work ", meeting about the size of 900 people, including Taiwan guests about 600 people, all districts and provincial units concerned delegation. It is understood that the conference for a period of 3 days, including the activities of key project signing ceremony, visit the Jiangxi and Taiwan agricultural cooperation achievements exhibition, symposium at Jiangxi Taiwan electronic information industry and Nanchang city ", Optics Valley WITHUB" seminar, Jiangxi and Taiwan agricultural cooperation and Nanchang "Green Valley" forum and Ganjiang River area and to undertake the project of Taiwan the transfer of industry promotion etc.. It is understood that the current "Jiangxi and Taiwan will focus on Jiangxi to fully integrate into the The Belt and Road" and the Yangtze River economic belt development strategy, closely around the province of strategic emerging industries such as electronic information industry, Nanchang Optics Valley, VR industry and the development of modern agriculture, further deepen and expand new areas of Jiangxi and Taiwan economic cooperation, enhance the level of Jiangxi Taiwan industrial cooperation, promote economic and trade cooperation to a new level of Jiangxi and taiwan. This year, Jiangxi and Taiwan will be "more than ever, especially Jiangxi Taiwan Industrial Cooperation: the first is to promote the photovoltaic industry docking, Jiangxi and Taiwan polymerization; the second is to promote agricultural cooperation, deepen the Jiangxi and Taiwan agricultural cooperation and complementary advantages, accelerate the innovation of science and technology of agriculture in our Province; third is to promote and undertake industrial transfer of Taiwan District of Ganjiang River, attract more the Taiwan to participate in the development and construction of the new district. This year, the newly registered 61 Taiwan funded enterprises in Jiangxi Province have successfully held thirteen sessions since the first "Gan Tai platform" held in 2003. Jiangxi Taiwan Association is also known as the most influential central Taiwan region economic and trade cultural exchange event. In the 13 session of the "Gan Ji Hui", there were 11 thousand participants from Taiwan, 820 signed cooperation projects and 29 billion RMB investment in the contract. As of September this year, our province has introduced 3330 Taiwan funded projects, and the actual investment is 11 billion 620 million US dollars, which is among the best in the central region. Taiwan Baida group, 18 in the province invested 50 projects. In the 1~9 months of this year, 61 newly registered Taiwan funded enterprises have been invested in 450 million US dollars, maintaining a good momentum of sustained and rapid growth. Ouyang Quanhua, deputy director of the Organizing Committee of the fourteenth Jiangxi Taiwan Association and director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the provincial Party committee (9), said: "since this year, all provinces across the province have actively carried out attracting investment to Taiwan, and achieved fruitful results. In 1~9, there were 13 projects with more than $10 million invested by newly introduced contracts. At present, the province has accumulated more than 10 million US dollars approved by Taiwan funded projects 317. The "Jiangxi platform" will have a number of emerging industries, modern service industry, advanced manufacturing, tourism industry and modern agriculture and other fields of large projects, good projects signed at the meeting, plans to sign 59 investment projects, the signing amount of 3 billion U.S. dollars." (commissioning editor)

今年江西新注册台资企业61家–江西频道–人民网 第十四届赣台经贸文化合作交流大会将于2016年10月15日至17日在南昌市举办。9日举办的第十四届赣台经贸文化合作交流大会新闻发布会上透露,今年1~9月,来我省新注册台资企业61家,实际进资4.5亿美元,保持了持续快速增长的良好势头。 吸引台商参与赣江新区开发 本届“赣台会”的主题是“两岸一家亲、携手同打拼”,大会规模900人左右,其中台湾嘉宾约600人,各设区市、省直有关单位组团参会。 据了解,本次大会会期为3天,活动安排包括重点项目签约仪式、参观赣台农业合作成果展、分专题举行赣台电子信息产业暨南昌市“光谷、慧谷”推介会、赣台农业合作暨南昌“绿谷”论坛和赣江新区及承接台资产业转移项目推介会等。 据了解,本届“赣台会”着眼江西全面融入“一带一路”和长江经济带发展战略,紧紧围绕我省战略性新兴产业如电子信息产业、南昌“光谷”、VR产业和现代农业的发展,进一步深化和拓展赣台经济合作新领域,提升赣台产业合作层次,推动赣台经贸合作再上新台阶。 今年“赣台会”较以往相比,特别突出了赣台产业合作:一是推进赣台光电产业对接、聚合;二是推动农业项目合作,深化赣台农业合作优势互补,加快我省农业科技创新;三是推介赣江新区及承接台资产业转移,吸引更多台商参与赣江新区的开发建设。 今年全省已新注册61家台资企业 从2003年首届“赣台会”举办以来,已成功举办十三届。 赣台会也被誉为中部地区最具影响力的对台经贸文化交流盛会。 13届“赣台会”共有1.1万名台湾嘉宾参会,签约合作项目820个,合同台资额290亿美元,截至今年9月,我省累计引进台资项目3330个,实际进资116.2亿美元,在中部地区名列前茅。台湾百大企业集团中,有18家在我省投资了50个项目。今年1~9月,新注册台资企业61家,实际进资4.5亿美元,保持了持续快速增长的良好势头。 第十四届赣台会组委会副主任、省委(省政府)台办主任欧阳泉华9日表示:“今年以来,全省各地积极开展对台招商引资,取得了丰硕成果。1~9月新引进合同台资额1000万美元以上的项目有13个。目前,全省已累计批准1000万美元以上的台资项目317个。此次‘赣台会’将有一批新兴产业、现代服务业、先进制造业、旅游产业和现代农业等领域的大项目、好项目在会上签约,拟签约投资项目59个,签约金额达30亿美元。” (责编:吴若、毛思远)相关的主题文章: