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7 year old noon clear road "fangs" friends like grandpa Niu positive energy! Longyan 7 year old enthusiastic noon to clear the road fangs! Don’t worry about the tire being stuck again! Driving on the road, afraid of female drivers! Two patients with fear of road rage! Three road "fangs"! If it’s cold, it’ll hurt you! Recently, the streets of Longyan, the way some deceleration broken screws exposed, looked really startling! Longyan friends of K " Yang Yuanxin " Post said: the day before yesterday just made this street in a row "fangs" picture, today a man to clear, really admire. Although the old man is not a professional, but the old man has this heart, really feel he is handsome!!! K friends commented: @ eyes contain a little awn: this old man I know! His house was requisitioned! The old people easily get hundreds of thousands of spare money to get out of! He didn’t do it for life! It is the sentiment of the old revolution! @ molded in hand: I salute you, grandpa. Life safe, happy @ crazy Madman: Grandpa really cattle, body double bar. Now the young even more love @ turnip greens bad: road deceleration broken screws are exposed, many places are so bad that no one will be installed, replacing @ Buddha bless you: dating, @ 121: for light physical labor like old man! You’ve had a long day. Have a cup of tea: @ uncle as heart, this society is very OK! @ crane rental: knock more easily, cut the fetus round. Hit the cut. If the canal: give the father point praise. Some time ago he was riding a motorcycle accidentally this nail into the tire, up two, I really do not know this how spicy it easy bad buffer: @ surname deceleration zone is plastic, easily broken, or to install iron @ sky: should use the crowbar to pull out spike. >

7旬老人大中午清除马路“毒牙” 网友赞爷爷真牛 正能量!龙岩热心7旬老人大中午清除马路毒牙!再也不用担心轮胎被扎了!行驶在马路上,一怕女司机!二怕路怒症患者!三怕马路“毒牙”!万一这玩意冷不丁的扎你轮胎一下,可真心不好受!近日,龙岩街头路上有些减速带坏了,螺丝露出,看着着实令人心惊!龙岩K友"杨元鑫"昨日发帖称:前日才刚刚网上发了这路边一排“毒牙”的图片,今天就来了个大爷来清除,真佩服。虽然老人家不是专业人士,但老大爷有这份心,真心觉得他很帅!!!K友评论:@眼蕴一点芒:这个老人家我认识!他家里征用了!老人家随便几十万闲钱轻松拿得出来的!他不是为了糊口做的!真的是老革命的情操!@掬水月在手:向你致敬,老爷爷。一生平安、幸福@疯了的疯子:爷爷真牛,身体倍棒。现在年轻的米虫多了@萝卜青菜爱爱坏:路上减速带坏了,螺丝都露出,很多地方都是这样,会装,坏了没人更换@菩萨保佑大家:断代了,体力劳动@灯光121:为老大爷点赞!辛苦了!@清茶一杯:都有大爷一样的心,这社会就非常OK!@吊车出租:敲了更容易割胎立着圆的。砸到会割胎。@若渠:给老爷子点赞。自己前段时间骑摩托车不小心也被这样的钉子钉进轮胎了,补了两次,真不知道这缓冲带怎么辣么容易坏@改姓吧:减速带是塑料的,容易坏,还是要装铸铁的@天际:应该用拔道钉的撬棍来拔。>相关的主题文章: