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9 bad habits is not correct the manual transmission car minutes to destroy a car! Manual gear shift taboo recently I found a lot of new friends around and do not often open the manual block models of friends, driving more or less will make some low-level mistakes. When I remind them, but found that they were not aware of their own mistakes, so today for them, I will summarize some Shoudong Dang notes, hoping to help them. When overtaking – up a lot of new friends in the vehicle to overtake, they often think that high gear could be faster overtaking. In fact, this concept is wrong, because the higher the torque block, the smaller the acceleration, but will make the car more meat. The correct method is, can a block when overtaking, such as originally in the four block, for overtaking change into three gear, so the vehicle will get more torque, acceleration will get more power, but will make the vehicle speed faster, more than before the car to see the gear rise up. This shift – forget me in life often can find me some new friends in the driver’s manual models, some people often forget up, this drive will increase fuel consumption, and will produce a lot of noise, comfort and fuel economy will reduce. Some people often forget to block, so that the engine will produce too much carbon, will cause engine jitter, accelerate the inability to start a series of difficulties, such as difficult to start. The driver is recommended to have this problem, when driving a manual transmission models, we must develop a good driving habits, the shift on the shift, as far as possible to reduce the low gear driving time. The shift lever down at this is some novice drivers, or not often open manual gear vehicle driver, one of the problems often make love. Because of the manual transmission gear is not familiar, or while driving, easy tension, novice drivers often hang the wrong gear, so they subconsciously to see the pole, but it will be very prone to traffic accidents caused by collision etc.. The friends have this habit, get rid of the problems not only what to do more exercises, more familiar with your car stop lever position, get rid of the bad habit. "The right way" wheel and some friends accustomed to driving a single hand steering wheel, on the other hand to shift at any time in the bar, this is not recommended, because the harm of single hand wheel a little better than the wrong small block. The leapfrog block added this behavior with a common block of leapfrog, except for a few novice due to operational errors caused by the outside, most of the time are caused by the driver lazy. After the vehicle is blocked and leapfrog, high gear and low speed state, lack of power, there will be vehicle acceleration is not smooth phenomenon, but also because the transmission gear speed difference is too large, and there is some damage to the engine. It is so accustomed to friends, advise you don’t get lazy, this a few a few block block. "The wrong leapfrog block added: 3 block direct change into 5 gear" and "the right shift: 3 gear change into 4 gear shift clutch" – not in the end some new friends ask me, will often hear "Kerala" sound in the shift, this is because when the shift in the clutch pedal no lead, transmission gear. If the gear box often hit the teeth will be reduced.相关的主题文章: