A 13 year old girl was raped by her parents who lived in a hotel when she was in a bad mood with her txplatform

13 year old girl because of anger with her parents live away from home hotel raped Title: young girl anger away home hotel raped Beijing morning news (reporter Yan Fei) because of anger with her parents, 13 year old girl Ling Ling ran away from home, after the hotel was raped by 26 year old zhang. Recently, the Tongzhou court sentenced Zhang to three years imprisonment for rape. In January 2015, the first two days of Ling Ling because of anger with his parents and ran away from home, a friend of the small army led her to stay in a hotel in Tongzhou District. Ling Ling through the small army to understand the man Zhang, the other side excuse to send Ling Ling back to the hotel into her room. Having a sexual relationship with her under the circumstances of knowing that Lin Ling is under 14 years old. After Ling Ling mother found the alarm, the same year in February, Zhang was arrested. During the trial, Zhang pleaded guilty and hoped that the court would give him a chance to turn over a new leaf and give him a lighter punishment. The court held that the defendant Zhang knew that Ling Ling is less than 14 years old girl, and his sexual behavior, his behavior constitutes rape, should be punished according to law, and should be punished severely. In view of Zhang truthfully confessed after appearing in court, according to the law can be punished for its lighter. Editor in chief: Qu Kun SN117

13岁少女因与父母赌气离家 住宾馆遭强奸   原标题:少女赌气离家 住宾馆遭强奸   北京晨报讯(记者 颜斐)因与父母赌气,13岁少女玲玲离家出走,后在宾馆里被26岁的张某强奸。近日,通州法院以强奸罪判处张某有期徒刑三年。   2015年1月,上初二的玲玲因与父母赌气而离家出走,朋友小军带她入住通州区某宾馆。玲玲通过小军认识了男子张某,对方借口送玲玲回宾馆进入她房间。在明知玲玲系不满14周岁幼女的情况下与她发生性关系。玲玲母亲发现后报警,同年2月,张某被抓获。庭审中,张某表示认罪,希望法庭给其改过自新的机会,从轻处罚。法院经审理后认为,被告人张某明知玲玲系不满14周岁的幼女而与其发生性行为,其行为构成强奸罪,应依法予以惩处且应从重处罚。鉴于张某到案后如实供述,依法可对其从轻处罚。 责任编辑:瞿崑 SN117相关的主题文章: