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A call to relatives and friends to raise money life accident grandma reported in September 18th in the United States are now hearing a granddaughter, public security, media have released some new means of fraud, to remind you to prevent telecommunications fraud. Can the Xinhua news agency released data show that from January to July this year, the national total of telecommunications fraud cases from 355 thousand, an increase of 36.4%, caused a total loss of 11 billion 420 million yuan. The recent case of Xu Yuyu and other malignant cases is to let the telecommunications fraud become public enemies". Although the police have been reminded, but still every day someone fooled, but not only cheated the elderly, there are many young people with high education. So, what are the telecom fraud "high technology" and "merit"? How to make use of the psychology of people? How can we prevent it? Psychological counseling and psychotherapy of traditional Chinese medicine expert, master tutor Dr. Ning Shiying will combine the province’s recent few typical cases of telecommunications fraud cases, the interpretation of fraud is how to use psychological warfare by pressing the victim, how should we adopted piecemeal, rational face. If the old friend cheated granddaughter abroad "accident" grandma to relatives "Hello, I am anxious to raise money Liu Ningning classmates, she had a car accident, left leg fracture, in an emergency". August early in the morning, Ms. Wang received a granddaughter of Qing’an County students call. "My granddaughter does a person in the United States of California University, but has been very good, we are often on the phone, I didn’t take it personally". Ms. Wang said. Also 5 minutes, the students came to the phone, said to have been to the hospital, the wound bleeding, urgent need for blood transfusion, family signature". Ms. Wang could not stay, call to his son and daughter to play immediately, so they must get home before 7, at the same time to various relatives call to borrow money, "is not a glorious thing granddaughter in a car accident, I didn’t say and they said, go to America to see my granddaughter, she was always waiting., a finger is not touched, now alone in there, much pain". In the morning 8 am, clean up the luggage, Ms. Wang and rushed to the home to send money to relatives and friends farewell, ready to fly to the United states. Is urging his son to book tickets, Ms. Wang’s phone rang again. Liu Ningning out of the operation room, but not out of danger, have to continue treatment, I do not have money, you need to pay medical expenses, you first put the money over it, my account is……" "Hello, I’m Liu Ningning’s mother, Ning Ning left knee before Tanghuai, leaving a big scar, walking a little lame, does this hurt? Will you show me the scar? "Yes, the crashed place is the scar, the doctor said no problem well". "Will you show me the scar on her right leg?" "Ah, good morning, you hurry to remit money, the doctor urged it…… Dudu……". Ning Ning left leg does not scar, the other side should be a liar". Although Liu Ningning’s mother was determined to be a liar call, but her daughter has been unable to contact, the mentality is still very anxious. Ms. Wang is worried when the whole family, a granddaughter Liu Ningning phone number to play.相关的主题文章: