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A little information official Chen Tong joined as president of the ifeng.com co President Chen Tong (data plan) Sina Francisco October 28th morning news, a little information announced today the official original millet company vice president Chen Tong to join, will serve as little information as well as president, ifeng.com content management. Chen Tong said, will rely on the platform technology and content advantages, to lead a bit of information to create a phenomenal level of mobile content platform. A little information said, early in May this year, Chen Tong on the content + technology mode put forward their own ideas, he believes that the portal transformation is primary generation; rely on technology driven algorithm, for the Mesozoic; content + technology driven, is the new generation. This little information and advocacy of "artificial machine algorithm +" mobile information era of artificial intelligence concept agree without prior without previous consultation. Previously, Chen Tong has served as a bit of information on behalf of millet director, a little information on the content of the operation and product quite understand. Chen Tong has said that a bit of information to create a new media form. He also said: "the future will focus on the focus of a little information. Served as co president of Phoenix, is to more efficient collaboration of both resources, in terms of content development, and other aspects of the algorithm to promote the formation of a better PR. Also thank Lei Wang Chuan, total total trust, a huge stage thanks to millet company has given, let me feel the great feelings Chinese intelligent hardware leading manufacturing enterprises and unremitting pursuit. Content industry is undergoing tremendous changes, in the face of such opportunities, I hope to be able to bring more valuable content for more users." A little information CEO Ya said, "rich experience in Sina Internet portal micro-blog, social media, millet intelligent terminal Chen Tong, and the accumulated content of ecological industry insight and deep accumulation, will bring tremendous value to our. Chen Tong was a director of the information, and we will join the team together to promote a point of information products and innovative user interest in the "private custom, the value of reading" based on joint efforts in the OPPO, millet, ifeng.com and other strategic partners under the will a little information make the material, "interesting and useful, a" phenomenal content platform." A little information has also announced the relevant data, the current registered users reached 270 million, live on the day of 48 million, since the number of media reached 10000, the total number of channels over 3 million. Also recently launched the "interesting and useful material products" four brand concept. (Li Gen)相关的主题文章: