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A competitor in the New York defender YY by temperament girlfriend Jordan [] want to clap buckle scenes by teammate Russell ignored so embarrassed to teach you how to resolve the Tencent sports news October 10th although without my family, but now look at the Lakers game there is a reason, that is Yi Jianlian. But in today’s game, Yi Jianlian did not make any appearances, a children’s shoes so threatening to send a small Walton point of dangerous goods. Joke is a joke, today’s game, the Lakers won the victory, playing is also a good drop. Today’s NBA social circle, let’s start with a new lakers. Walton is satisfied with the working environment today against the Nuggets, the Lakers in the best performance of the players, is undoubtedly the Russell. The game Russell scored 33 points and 3 assists, Walton also said he has been very satisfied with the performance of the core. It seems that Walton is going to treat Russell as curitiba. Russell embarrassing left hand right hand while Russell won the data, but want to really become the core of the purple emperor, there is still a long way to go for the rest of the world, there is still a long way to go. During the game today, and Russell wanted to just score high fives, but his teammates did not see this scene, embarrassing Russell is the only his left and right hand clapping. This time, if the site put up the "youth training manual" this song, it would be interesting. Lamb without clap made Wei less clap this glared at the big, that small is not small. In many people’s eyes, this is a way to express congratulations to teammates, a way of communication, but in fact, this is the time to highlight the core players. In this regard, Dan Gilo – Russell is going to learn from the Russell – Weiss – Brook. Last year, Miss Lamb and Wei little clap, and now is a little Wei death stare response. And after that we are certainly not clear, lamb too long, leaving the thunder. Nikyan drying out of the game with photos of Russell, let us talk about forgotten Nick Young, last year’s video incident confused, eventually Nick Yang and his girlfriend broke up but also Iggy, Wang has found new singles. In today ‘s game, Nick Young scored 14 points and 4 rebounds in his social media, Nick – Yang Ye drying out his photos in the game. Nikyan funny to respond to the coach praised the end of the game, Luke – Walton praised Nick Yang’s defensive performance. The singles king is obviously some smug, responded that, this brother has heard the habit." Glamorous girlfriend Zubats sun Nick Young still love to show off, but now the Lakers love to show off more than one nick young. Young Zubats is the Lakers this year’s thirty-second show, from Croatia, the Lakers, he and Yi Jianlian is a direct competitive relationship. Yesterday, Zubats in the social media, drying out his girlfriend sitting next to the swimming pool photos, this picture we can play a bit? Zubats and his girlfriend Zubats with just the glamorous girlfriend if you do not know, Zubats’s social media there are other photos, such as this one. Courtney – Lee YY buckle Jordan finished the Lakers game, let’s talk about today.相关的主题文章: