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A ton of the evil – Painting — take wings to itself people.com.cn original title: a ton of the evil evil take wings to itself! A ton of southern Nanjing municipal cultural protection it is evil take wings to itself, stolen a few months still missing, police hope the public to provide clues to the modern express picture ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express trainee reporter Jetion photo Nanjing lion Ba Cun has a stone the evil spirits, for over 1500 years, it has been quietly guarding here. Recently, heritage lovers Fang Qingsong found, evil stone disappeared, it was standing room only left two football sized holes. Yesterday, in an interview with the lion village Modern Express reporter learned that in May 22nd this year was found to have stolen evil stone. The same day, Qixia District Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade has been sent to the scene forensics investigation. Police, the stolen time may be in the evening of 21 to 22 am. At present, evil stone still unaccounted for, the case is still under further investigation. Modern Express reporter Hu Yu Mei Dingsheng Gu Yuansen ZAKER Nanjing strange stone only two evil take wings to itself, the pit at noon yesterday, the reporter went to the modern express lion dam village is located in the Qixia District horses street, along the way, basically can not see the villagers. In the middle of a weed, the reporter saw a small piece of 4 square meters around the hexagonal platform, surrounded by a circle around the low enclosure. Reporters noted that the platform has begun to grow weeds inside. On the west side of the platform stands a stone tablet, one side of the monument reads, "Nanjing city cultural relics protection unit, the Lion Rock Village lost the test stone, the Nanjing municipal government in June 10, 2006." The protection of cultural relics in the stone, and placed the stone position now only two shallow holes, long above a layer of thin moss. Shallow the soil near some cracks, in addition, no other traces of the scene. Heritage experts, here there is a stone of evil, 1.54 meters long, 1 meters high residue, body circumference of about 1.3 meters, weight 1 tons. Evil quadruped has been disabled, the head also has some defects, so it looks like is sitting on the ground. Because of years of weathering and erosion, it is devoid of body ornamentation, only two wings also vaguely discernible. The night is stolen, leaving almost no clues according to the description of the local residents, the world stone stolen heavy rain. Because the demolition of power, there is no street lights, the original installation in the vicinity of the monitoring probe did not come in handy. Qixia District civilization office deputy director Chen Ning told reporters that in May 22nd, about 2:30 in the afternoon, the lion village cultural relics inspection found that originally placed in the platform of the stone animal take wings to itself. It is surprising that there are about 1 tons of stone, such a heavy cultural relics, by a person’s strength is almost impossible to move. Nanjing city media Bureau relevant responsible person said, after analysis, this is a premeditated act of stealing treasures "". The reporter learned that, although here has power, but "the thief" or cut the wire just in case monitoring probe. Although most of the villagers have moved out, but in front of the stone carving 100 meters or so相关的主题文章: