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A Zhuzhou man has real rich wife because of drug trafficking "to" the original title: collect money, give others drugs, it is not that the drug? In September 20, 2016, Zhuzhou Hetang District People’s court held a public hearing with drug trafficking cases. In the case of a man called Shen suspects attracted the attention of reporters. In the trial when a reporter to interview, Shen Dong has said that he did not drug trafficking, he only to help others with a little poison. Others want drugs, give a little. Also received the money. Isn’t this drug trafficking? Shen Dong said that he did not think. When people listen to music that I expected, this is not what the drug? Later in the trial, Shen admitted the fact that the two drug trafficking, but for the third time, that is caught in the drug trafficking, he did not recognize. However, according to the prosecution, according to the supreme judicial interpretation, if the buyer and seller of a time and place quantity price, it can be identified him as a drug trafficking crime. Therefore, Shen brother, three drug trafficking facts, you can not avoid it. At the end of the court, Shen suspects, sentenced to three years imprisonment and fined ten thousand yuan. Speaking of the Shen, the judge said he really shouldn’t be seven eight do not understand do not understand, because in 2012, he was betrayed because of drug trafficking, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of 11 months, the ah, belong to the drugs again. Listen to the sentence, Shen heart that regret ah. Why? Because they do not like the last time. This time, Shen has real money, have a wife. The house was demolished, moved into the new resettlement housing, but also married a small nine year old wife. Although this is the second marriage for myself, but the wife with good feelings, also let people admire very much. Unfortunately, because of his drug trafficking to good times don’t last long, only two years of marriage, let the wife, so don’t see. The case is small, but very meaningful. Objectively speaking, the level of material life is getting higher and higher, the annual income of urban residents has increased, the way of life has been greatly improved. But that’s not the reason to touch drugs. Many drug case that caused drug addicts is increasing and tends to cause the younger, mainly in the harm of propaganda, the objective existence of the dead, so many cultural level is not high, and even some minor, not on the drug toxicity form objective understanding, and provides the space try ignorance. Not only that, this kind of crowd, the awareness of the law, as to what this Shen will be characterized as drug trafficking do not know who, or There are plenty of people who. Remember, no matter how much, no matter the purity of the drug to reach dozens of, as long as you sell drugs, there is this behavior, no matter how much you sell the crime. Even if you close out, even if not sold, are calculated in the number of drug trafficking inside. China’s criminal law, smuggling, trafficking and transporting drugs, illicit cultivation of narcotic duties, manufacturing drugs, illegal possession of drugs, lure, abetting, deception, forcing others into taking or injecting drugs and illegal drug behavior is a crime must be punished!相关的主题文章: