Aarif Lee Although I look like a half breed, but the concept of love is very traditional face gossip

Aarif Lee: Although I like hybrids, but the emotional concept is tradition – Beijing "father and son" father Encore Beijing morning news (reporter Yang Lianjie Aarif Lee) in the family comedy film "very warm" in the role of a father and son for "joy when Dad" and was on the verge of collapse of the young father, and mixed "son" Mason Mun opponents play adorable turned a public audience. Aarif Lee self ridicule, said the father has always played the role of the performance experience has come. He also revealed that although he looks like a hybrid, but the concept of love is very traditional, very valued family. The upcoming November 4th release of "father and son", Aarif Lee plays a young painter Zhou Liyan, he had a quiet life of the artist is across the ocean to donate father teenager Gu Taifeng (Mason Mun ornaments) in a mess…… "Legend" in "Wu Mei Niang plays the emperor, has a son;" night surprise "in the end I when the father; (" father and son ") is the third time the father." A fan asked if he had a family life well when Dad’s ready, Aarif Lee answered, although he looks more like a hybrid, emotional concept is still very traditional, very important to the family, and the family would like to share the happiness of a family union. It is generally accepted that the most difficult thing is to play with children and animals. Aarif Lee has said that with the son of Mason Mun’s cooperation is very smooth, we may have the background of life in Canada, the site can communicate in English, there is no problem. He (Mason Mun) is a very experienced actor, and very love to perform, often take the initiative with the director asked again, worth learning."相关的主题文章: