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To promote the campus education is raging AIDS in 2005, the provincial capital of Jiangxi in Nanchang the first cases of students "stained AI", especially from 2012 onwards, students dyed AI, the rapid increase in the number, the youngest only 16 years old…… The day before, Nanchang City CDC released data show that in the past 5 years, the AIDS epidemic of young students in the growth rate of 43.16%, students in HIV infected homosexual transmission accounted for more than 80%. In fact, this phenomenon is not only in Nanchang, in the country, the prevalence of AIDS in college gay population is also increasing year by year. According to data released by the National Health Planning Commission, in 2014, young students accounted for 16.58% of the total number of young people infected with HIV infection, while in 2008 was 5.77%, the growth rate is faster than other age groups. Among them, sexual transmission is the main way, according to the survey, the young people through the spread of male infection has reached 81.6%. It is not difficult to see that AIDS is not only the traditional sense of drug abuse, prostitution and other marginalized patents, only once in the pure "ivory tower" in the campus disaster caused by flooding water, if things go on like this, facing "talk about AI mere mention of" the threat is not alarmist! There is no such thing as love or hate! AIDS into the campus, and the outbreak of the flood, it is a kind of chance, according to medical experts, students infected with HIV from three main ways: one is the young students affected by the film and television culture, the concept of open, free activities, and lack of self-protection consciousness; second is the purchase of male college students the service has been increasing, due to lack of relevant knowledge, awareness of protection consciousness is poor, even can not use condoms; finally is due to the lack of knowledge, the number of same-sex sexual transmission of HIV infection accounted for half of the country. In fact, the number of HIV infected students explosive growth, way seemingly diversity, fundamentally, whether gay or heterosexual sexual activities originate from a lack of knowledge, lack of geometry, safety protection measures necessary to repeat infection, due to frequent sexual activity and sexual partners, exacerbated by the spread of infection the scope of AIDS in this regard, education should not be ashamed to say private affairs, the university campus to make up the lesson on sex education of young students. Once you embrace Pipa half block face "sex education, young people today is not simply to avoid rejection, was ridicule as" the professor "," sex workers "of the Huazhong Normal University professor Peng Xiaohui, 20 years ago, he worried that the students not to repair his class, 20 years later, to listen to the class of students is broken his threshold, so that school administration office had to intervene to control the number of. "Now after 90 there is no obstacle, and some people with their lovers to listen to lectures." There are couples at the same time elective, but not in a class, asked to be transferred together. "I’ve met their demands." Professor Peng even exclaimed. The anti – "Ai" situation, young college students have rigid requirements, and not exclusive sex education, sex education and sex education expert Li Yinhe, the famous expert Vincent Fang even drafted a "joint anti sexual response", to promote comprehensive?相关的主题文章: