All the stores can be a freeloader! Beijing discovered first white holding shop – and Sohu rewrite攻略�

All the stores can be a freeloader! Beijing discovered first "white holding shop" – Sohu and used to say the world is no free lunch, but now have to get lunch! In October 28th, Beijing Shuangjing an upscale restaurant business are bursting, striking. Come from the city of the guests began early in the doorway queues, of course or around Shuangjing. The whole day, this racket, passenger without a break, because people do not pay a penny after eating! The first meal take lunch and dinner here! This is the original, with micro refers to white held subversive welfare activities. October 25th – November 5th, micro refers to white take the United Shuangjing District 300 high-quality physical stores, held a grand "micro refers to white with 11.1 Carnival", the implementation of its "consumer how many white take" business model, users in the store consumption, micro means how to send money to get matching, and activities during the various incentives and welfare to be. But in October 28th for the world’s restaurant shop to get white, white with a big bright spot is the carnival festival. On the morning of 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., for all the dishes and drinks can take and eat for free. Anyone can be used in micro refers to the white take the union business consumption accumulation to get money here, this is the capital’s first free gluttonous! "With white shop", but also a great impact on the original ecological consumption patterns. It is this whole Shop White take the activities attracted the attention of the parties, but also detonated the scene of the event. Now is the double eleven period, each appliance business fight I grab you crazy discounts, but "the whole shop to get businesses" can be said to be "preferential" Arsenal’s ultimate big kill, hitherto unknown, the value of consumer is the ultimate! As Chinese O2O in the field of the first city circle of business operators, micro a white take based on aggregation of 300 city 1200 national 10000 stores in Beijing Shuangjing District, a collection of 300 high-quality stores, alliance type consumption — micro ecological chain refers to get business alliance, give users more benefits and better experience. In the 300 store, how much you can get how much consumption white! According to the amount of consumption, with a micro refers to white than a gift equivalent to get money, for the exchange of goods preferred equivalent, but also refers to the white take between users in the micro donation. And the amount of consumption between the shops can be accumulated, not capped, ready to exchange. To get micro is a new entity business model, relying on the business entity shop, the city shopping online, favorable commodity value, is the local life O2O mode upgrade, realize the interaction between online and offline, to build a healthy business ecosystem, promote the upgrading of consumption. Micro refers to the white gathered around the user’s high quality shops, completely covering the user’s daily store consumption path and ecosystem. As long as the user in the daily life of normal consumption, without any additional conditions, you can get money to take the white white with red, silk scarves, imports of high-grade wine, food and other characteristics of favorite things, do not take the white does not take! The white take full micro means to create "11.1 white with carnival Festival, it is in order to allow more consumers to understand and experience the micro…相关的主题文章: