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Always can not help but angry at the child? The poor you will keep what children! [children] maternal – Sohu original, reproduced please standard source if you often encounter such a situation: seeing to be late to school, children do not get up; go to bed, children are still playing and watching TV to sleep; when you just cleaned the room, an inattentive child is a sprinkling of pigment; when you are nervous in front of the computer to submit an urgent document, the child in your body rubbing to accompany you to play…… Your emotions are like flash floods, yelled at the child even yell at them? Tintin mother and like all mothers, love children, temper is not bad, but every time when the child is "not obedient" things could not help but scold, blame the child when the child crying, obedient, Tintin mother heart is full of guilt, not blame his temper and vowed the next must be patient enough for children, did not expect the next time or repeating mistakes. Ding Dingma is always in the cycle of "can not help but lose his temper, regret, can not help but lose temper" cycle. How many parents are like this? Interestingly, we can not help but angry at the child, in front of friends or colleagues can maintain convergence, will not be easy to "outsiders" angry, this is why? Because you treat an outsider as an independent subject, you are aware of the consequences of your impulses. And for children? Your children as your "stuff", in any case to treat a child, you are always the child’s parents, the child will not go away from you; and you may assume that the nature of children, parents need to loose, "education", sometimes more severe on behalf of more love children. Therefore, we can not help but always angry with the children, and often show to others more patient, lack of patience for their children. But you do not know, your negative emotions will bring the child how the impact of earthquakes. Often can not help but have a temper tantrum for children what harm? Psychologists at University of Pittsburgh has tracked hundreds of parents often treat the child’s bad mood, they found these children behavior in adolescence, adulthood are prone to have depressed. Professor of psychology at the Brown University, Stephanie · Pollard spent 15 years of study, she found that young children with bad parents life, love and marriage relationship in adulthood is not ideal. 2012 "marriage and family" magazine article published comments pointed out that young children will learn from the solution parents problem, if childhood parents encounter negative ways to solve the problem, an adult they would prefer to solve the problem of negative emotions. Taiwan actor Joe Chen also has a bad temper of her mother, she admits, "when I was a child living in fear", even now grow up, in the face of her mother will still be timid and cowardly. This is at the child temper impact on children is difficult to erase. Often angry at the child’s parents, what will be the specific damage to the child? 1, the child has no intention of losing his temper means that there is no equal communication, one side hopes to achieve deterrence through bad mood.相关的主题文章: