Analysis on the present situation of F1 why people sniff

Analysis on the present situation of F1: why people sniff at? 2016 season F1 Italy Grand Prix sina sports news "Autosport" recently published a senior editor Stewart wrote a commentary on the "why do people hate the current F1?" "The article points out that, like many years ago, there are always a few people who want to return to the past F1, but in fact, F1’s past is not as good as the critics now think. There are a lot of people who hate the status quo of F1. Even those who have been fortunate enough to work in this circle. Drivers, shareholders, team leaders, tire engineers and even keyboard engineers, you are very difficult to hear a positive evaluation of the F1 in the circle. Most of the respondents want F1 back to the past, back to what it should look like, at the same time, F1 veteran, Jensen – Barton also said, F1 distance from the better, there is still a long way to go". Barton believes that the F1 world championship, the best time has passed, going back to the best, not indefinitely, and hope. Barton believes that the best time for F1 is over. Well, this is the starting point of this article. But how long will it take? That’s where we begin to split up with people who complain. The fans are leaving F1. We are told that they are tired of tyre management and fuel saving, and that the same two drivers have been winning. This is a typical logical error: ex post analysis. Look at the numbers down, so it must be because of the people in front of the complaint, right? Well, maybe not. These factors may affect the decline in the number of viewers. But there may also be a coincidence, or by another kind of situation: F1 broadcast gradually transferred to the toll channel, and many people do not want to pay, is it possible? As a writer Jamie – (Jamie Whyte) in his book "bad ideas" (Bad Thoughts) wrote, do not believe that the coincidence is a lot of opinionated people most commonly used method." Despite being dominated by a car or a driver for several seasons, the number of spectators in F1 has doubled by two between 1992 and 1999. At that time the car can often be completed through the pit to overtake. Over the years, Michael – and Ferrari won a lot of games. This is precisely the era of Barton nostalgia. V10’s age? Can hardly be defeated. I was recently in a study of an old book, I saw "MotoSport", "Autosport" was once a sister publication, read a column in the critically acclaimed, by Denis Jay Higginson (DSJ) wrote. The title of the column is "when did you lose interest?". The author criticized those who want to race during the meeting to complain that they pulled into the offensive to the slow-witted in the article. Many of these words sound familiar to people today. V10 2005 season F1 DSJ wrote: "I"相关的主题文章: