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The single elderly and try to find a partner | Claus | single | _ nanny Sina health _ no matter how good wishes, people always have to face Shenglisibie, widowed also many older people can not avoid the pain. In the traditional view, the elderly widowed, should be alone, lonely through old age. But from a physical and psychological point of view, the elderly single harmful, find a lot of benefits to his wife.   single elderly to find a lot of single elderly perennial with a "go out a lock into the room, a lamp, touch the stove is cool, no one should speak" the lonely life, they have a heart that endless emptiness and loss, thereby affecting the health and longevity. If single elderly people can rekindle enthusiasm for life, to find a companion, not only to increase the life of unlimited fun, but also make people out of the cold and lonely world, promote their physical and mental health, retard the aging process, this is not a ready-made panacea do any.   there is an old saying, "all the children as husband and wife on the way". Now, more and more young people no longer live with their parents, even live together, mostly is dubious, two generations of communication is very limited, it is difficult to achieve a deep understanding. The needs of the elderly is an intimate lover, a long, can be said together together in person. From this point of view, the role of his wife is more important.   marriage can also provide a full range of care for the elderly. If there is a problem with the body, the other party can give warm, attentive and meticulous care in time. Some people may say, please nanny is not OK? But this is not the best choice, after all, is the nanny to spend money, not necessarily care, and, after all, nanny is not a family, the situation is not as old as his wife to understand, it is likely to take care of the week. The role of his wife is difficult to replace outsiders. Old partners can not only make the elderly care, but also help to reduce the concerns of their children, to promote family and social harmony.  : in the past, it is a traditional misconception that people don’t need sex when they are old. In recent years, studies have shown that human sexuality, especially men’s sexual desire, can be maintained until the end of life. Some people do not have a physical aging, but in the psychological view that they have been aging, premature stop sexual life, not only health damage, but also affect the happiness of old age. Old partners can promote a harmonious sex life, enhance feelings.   need to pay attention to is that single elderly must be calm and rational to deal with remarriage events, do not rely on temporary brain fever to do things. Looking for the other half, should be zhigenzhidi through intermediaries or middlemen. After the two sides to understand, to understand a period of time, to find out the identity of each other’s background, ideological and moral situation, and then decide whether to continue contacts. At the same time, to be vigilant to prevent people from dating, marriage, dark trap, trick. The elderly in the process of looking for a partner, to manage their own property, not only don’t behave "stingy", also don’t show their "extravagant", so as to avoid unnecessary "相关的主题文章: