Apple has a brain of artificial intelligence in iphone winbook

Apple in iPhone hidden in the "artificial brain" editor’s note: This article compiled related articles "from Backchannel Levy The iBrain is editor Steven Here:and it s already inside your" phone ", based on the original retained a few cuts in the greatest degree. Steven Levy recently had a chance to take the apple Kuby Tino "UFO" headquarters, and accompanied by digital apple core executives under the detailed understanding of the artificial intelligence technology at present and in the future in the application of apple products. This is also a big summary of Apple’s soft power, very valuable to read. The following is the full text of the compilation: the exclusive internal perspective of artificial intelligence and machine learning how to change apple in July 30, 2014, Siri had a brain transplant surgery". Three years ago that day, apple became the first intelligent assistant transplanted into their own mainstream technology companies. In earlier days, Siri’s acquisition of the product into the capsule in 2010 has been in the form of an independent application. Just launched, we are ecstatic about Siri, but with the passage of time, the user has become increasingly impatient for its shortcomings, because it is often misunderstood orders, product fine-tuning is also not seen after the upgrade. So, apple made an important decision in the July 30th: the migration of Siri users to the new American speech recognition system with "neural network" as the basis, then extended to users around the world in August 15th. In the new system, the "hidden Markov model" and a series of "old" technology is still in use, but more important is the introduction of machine learning technology, including "the depth of the neural network (DNN)" and "convolution neural network", "long short term memory unit" and "gated power supply (gated recurrent units)" well, "n-grams". After this upgrade, although it looks the same as Siri, but it has been a strong deep learning buff. In order not to allow their competitors to get inspiration from Siri, apple once again adopted a highly confidential strategy. The user can only realize that the Siri made fewer mistakes. Until the recent secret, Apple was openly talking about the effect of the time – the accuracy rate is amazing. CueEddy, senior vice president of Apple’s Internet software and services Eddy Cue said: this promotion is very obvious, so that someone specifically checked the accuracy of the number, so as not to accidentally missed the decimal point. (lifting at least one digit) the "Siri" turned gorgeous, also let the artificial intelligence industry "surprise", but not because of their achievements, more is because Apple is so low-key, but also can finish the task so well. Even apple has recently increased the recruitment of talent in the field of artificial intelligence, but also made a number of high-profile acquisitions of start-up companies, most people also l相关的主题文章: