Are Electric Bikes For People Who Dont

Cycling There is a misconception by many people that electric bikes are just for people who dont cycle, but this is simply not true. Just like regular bikes, electric bikes .e in many different models which mean there is an option for everyone no matter what you require it for. Their technology has drastically improved over recent years making them faster, lighter and with longer battery life which make them much better to use. Who Are Electric Bikes Designed For? Electric bikes are suitable for almost anyone, as their primary function is to assist the rider with added power when going up hills or for quicker acceleration when needed. The electric motor is not designed to be the sole propulsion method of the bike; you still need to give it some old fashioned leg power. What the motor does is provide you with extra power whenever you require it. Electric bikes offer many advantages, they make hills much easier to deal with, get you there quicker and allow you to wear whatever you want without sweating. They also let you carry more around with you and allow you to ride further and faster than on a normal bike. This in turn will give you more control and confidence when cycling on the road. The main benefits of electric bike are: They allow the rider to add power to their pedalling with a small electric motor. Most have lithium batteries with a range of 20 to 25 miles. Power-assisted speed limit of 15mph in the UK, but they can exceed that with your own pedal power. Some models have power-assisted pedalling. Others have a throttle and/or a handlebar-mounted control panel which lets the motor take most of the strain. Sales of electric bikes have been increasing worldwide, millions of electric bikes have been sold in China and they are also extremely popular all over Europe, selling about 300,000 a year in Germany and 175,000 in the .herlands. In the UK sales stand at about 20,000 a year, but this increasing all the time. Anne-Laure Espie, a French physiotherapist working in London, uses an electric bike for her work. She says It just allows you to be quite quick and you still do a little bit of exercise. This opinion is reflected by all kinds of people who use electric bikes every day, as many are already into cycling, but are keen to have that extra help for when they need it. E-bikes are a great solution for people who wouldnt ride a normal bike, giving them a way to get into cycling or to keep up with friends/family when they go out for a bike ride. The only people who electric bikes are not suited for is strong cycling enthusiasts who dont agree with the principle of assisted cycling, but you will have the last laugh as you casually breeze past them going up a steep hill. Visit The Electric Bike Store For High Quality Electric Bikes No matter how much you cycle already, an e-bike could be the solution to making your life easier. The Electric Bike Store has a great range of e-bikes including top range and budget models. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: