Are two new schools in Nanning open up to see if it’s near your home

Nanning city opened a new school to see in your home near contemporary life daily news (reporter Huang Jing Intern Xu Ning) October 28th, held in Nanning in 2016 sixth major projects focused on work activities (completed). The same day, the South Campus of Nanning City primary school in Washington, the Department of junior high school and a number of projects on hold open (completed) activity. Among them, Jiangnan primary school campus is located in Washington Avenue on the west side of Southern China City manhole Jiangnan District, planned land area of 24312.77 square meters (about 36.47 acres), the total construction area of 17710 square meters, the scale of 42 classes of primary school plan. The project will provide convenience for the residents in the area of basic education children enjoy, while improving the area education infrastructure. The third middle school of Nanning city junior high school as the District five project is located in the beautiful flowers on the west side of the road, Hing Road on the north side of the altar, the total construction area of 46 thousand square meters, the school size is 48 classes. The project will further optimize the layout of five as new education, provide superior learning environment for school-age youth education and realize the harmonious development of social economy, enhance the new quality of the city, improve the new city function.

南宁市两所新学校开建 看看在你家附近吗   当代生活报讯(记者 黄婧 实习生 徐宁)10月28日,南宁市举行2016年第六次重大项目集中开(竣)工活动。当天,江南小学华府校区、南宁市第三中学初中部等一批项目集中举行开(竣)工活动。   其中,江南小学华府校区位于江南区沙井大道西侧华南城,规划用地面积24312.77平方米(约合36.47亩),总建筑面积17710平方米,计划办学规模小学42个班。项目的建设将为区域内的居民子女享受基础教育提供便利,同时提升该片区教育基础设施条件。   南宁市第三中学初中部项目位于五象新区花美路西侧、坛兴路北侧,总建筑面积4.6万平方米,拟建办学规模为48个班。项目的建设将进一步优化五象新区教育布局,为适龄青少年提供优越的学习环境,实现教育事业与社会经济协调发展,提升新区城市品位,完善新区城市功能。相关的主题文章: