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Home-and-Family The calendar year is earmarked with holidays, and every kid knows exactly when those holidays occur. Even if though they may have f.otten homework assignments, they will never when the next holiday is scheduled. Why is this? Holidays mean vacations from school. Easter is different though, since there is no school break. Easter always falls on Sunday and so kids will have to trade a day off from school for an overflowing Easter basket. You will want to start thinking about how you can make the perfect Easter basket gift for your children. Parents, even though you just packed-up the artificial Christmas tree and cleaned the new toys off the living room floor, the calendar calls, so just like Peter Cottontail, it’s time to hop down the shopping trail. As easy and bright as dipping cage-free eggs into decorative pools of fluorescent color, here are a couple of great ideas. — Contrary to popular belief, basket ideas for Easter do not need to revolve around mounds of chocolate and candy. Think of your child’s Easter basket as a theme, and then match the goodies to that specific theme. For example, Movie Night, Days at the Beach, Library Time, or Arts and Crafts could all be themes. It will be easy to find gifts that match each of these themes. Of course, a small chocolate bunny needs to be tucked in that basket somewhere. — Do you want to create a traditional Easter basket or a contemporary one? This is the essential question that you need to ask yourself as a parent. Sunglasses, marbles, crayons, make-up, toy cars, stickers, dice and stuffed animals are all traditional ideas for the Easter basket, depending on the gender and age of your child. More contemporary ideas might be money, gift certificates, or any type of small accouterment for their collection of modern electronics. — Easter Basket gift ideas need to be creative. In fact, who says you need to put the goodies in a basket at all? If your child has shown an interest in gardening, then put an array of goodies in a flower pot. Stuff a small backpack with recreational gear like a penknife, flashlight or bird feeder kit if your kid is adamant about camping and the outdoors. Memorable Easter gifts are all about your ability to be innovative. Give your child an Easter that Peter Cottontail would be proud of by thinking outside the realm of jellybeans and chocolate. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: