Astro Turf Installers Mcsweeney Sports Surfaces Set Out 5 Key Factors When Considering

Soccer Astro Turf Installers McSweeney Sports Surfaces set out 5 key factors when considering investing in synthetic rugby pitches 1) Central to the installation of any artificial rugby pitch or synthetic rugby surface should be player welfare. This means laying a synthetic rugby pitch that meets approved standards which have player welfare in mind first and foremost. The nature of rugby is that players are tackled to the ground, and must also ruck for the ball on the surface in tight quarters. The shock pad must be forgiving to players. 2) Playability is attained by installing a surface with the right pile height at 65mm. This means the ball behaves as it would on a grass surface and offers players confidence that the pitch will play as they would expect. 3) Durability is a key test of your investment. The right foundation technology is paramount to maintaining a long lasting pitch surface. 4) Each pitch must be tested after the surface is laid. An experienced artificial rugby pitch installation expert will always test each pitch individually to ensure players can use the surface with confidence. 5) Synthetic rugby pitches should be installed according to the International Rugby Boards Regulation 22 standards This puts player welfare top of the list and ensures an artificial rugby pitch installation is safe, durable and tested to acceptable standards and protocols. McSweeney Sports Surfaces have been active with astro turf installation for all field sports such as soccer, rugby, hockey and GAA. Their resin floor surfaces also appear in playground installations, Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA), athletics and running tracks and school gym floors. Based in Limerick and serving Ireland and the UK, McSweeney Sports Surfaces are standard bearers for installation of synthetic rugby pitches, call today at +353 61 395786 or email [email protected] for a quote. Further information is available at Author Bio Marie and Michael McSweeney are leading Irish sports surface installers. Based in Limerick, and serving Ireland and the UK, they have a long and proven track record for installing artificial rugby pitches, and synthetic surfaces for all sports. As leading astro turf installers for soccer, hockey, rugby and GAA, the same approach is always applied. That means using the sports associations national and international standards to achieve a sports surface that has player welfare as its priority as well as durability. McSweeney Sports Surfaces also install playground surfaces and equipment, athletics and running tracks for indoor and outdoor, and school gym flooring solutions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: