At least six places to go in your life, how many times have you been there (video) pigeon blood

At least six places to go in your life, how many times have you been there? What are the beach tours? The British TripAdvisor website announced on March 2013 to tourists. The survey results show that in the 2013 "list of travelers’ Choice Award (Travelers’ s Choice beach Beach Award), is located in Italy Rabbit Beach (Sicily rabbit Beach) is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The development of a highly personal decision horizon, and the only way to improve your vision is to experience more things, contact more people to go out, to see the world the meeting of wind and clouds and the passions. "Read 10000 books is" the secret is also here, reading is to learn the wisdom of their predecessors, is to expand their horizons to travel. The following PCLADY editor for you to recommend some Beach Tour Raiders, these life will go to the place, you have been to a few? Italy Lampesuda:Rabbit BeachRabbit Beach is located in the south of Lampedusa, Italy, Sicily, described as pure natural scenery, only by boat, the beach is a Mediterranean only a few red sea turtle nesting in. The beach with its fine white beach, not by the modern civilization with natural landscape and the Mediterranean Sea talent shows itself. The best time to visit the beach is 5-9 months. In addition to the sun on the beach, diving and snorkeling there is also a popular activity. One user commented, "you can walk out of the clear blue green water for half a mile (about 800 meters). Everywhere bar. The beauty here is beyond description." "Rabbit Beach is obviously very popular with tourists. Look at the blue green water and the white sand beach and see why it’s so popular there," said TripAdvisor spokesman Emma Shaw. Australia’s Airlie Beach:Whitehaven Beach White black beach 6.4 km long, including the side of the shallow water in the Yangtze River Delta area, are due to the accumulation of volcanic eruptions after the formation of the seabed, fine sand, such as silk. It is covered in very good white which constitutes 98% of pure silicon. The sand here is even pure enough to be used as a part of the Halley’s telescope. Top travel magazines have rated it as the most beautiful or favorite beach in australia. Paradise beach where the island is an uninhabited island, no pollution, is the world’s one of the most quiet and beautiful place. Jin Naying " rich experience; " life of luxury travel from first class Fernando de Noronha:Baia do Sancho Brazil · Fernando de Noronha islands; southern the Atlantic Island, one of the world natural heritage, Brazil is the most beautiful and best scenic spots, is also one of the world’s most beautiful island. Sancho beach on the island’s largest tourist site in the world TripAdvi.相关的主题文章: