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.puters-and-Technology In the .petitive mart, almost every .pany is giving tough .petition to the other existing brand. In order to survive in this viciously .petitive arena, the .panies are adapting the latest trend of offering free gifts on the purchase of mobile phones. In this way retailers are trying to attract the attention of the users. Since the market is flooded up with large variety of handsets. With these free gifts an individual can easily make his decision as per the requirement. The .panies are blindly following this new trend in order to increase their sales. The mobile manufacturing .panies are .ing up with new deals which amaze the users with excitement. These gifts include free laptops with mobile phones, dvd player, LCD TV, camcorders and many more. Apart from physical entity these .panies also .e up with attractive contract schemes like free line rental for 12-18 months, low call rates, money back, unlimited minutes or text etc. With these deals the mobile users can get stylish handsets and a gift of their choice absolutely free.These deals are very profitable for retailers. The sellers mainly offer schemes on low quality handsets which are affordable in prices. By selling such mobile phones, they can easily earn money. All the major leading brands like Nokia, Motorola, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson etc. has adapted this trend of offering free gifts on the purchase of any handset. These free gifts mainly include laptops. In this internet savvy generation the laptops plays very important role. Infact it is the basic requirement of the fast growing society. It is useful for ac.plishing professional as well as personal works. These notebook .puters actually has replaced the desktop .puters. Since the laptops are lightweight and are equipped with ultimate features. So greatly admired by the population. These free gifts .e with wide range of notebook .puters which are available in different appealing colour. So an individual have a .plete freedom of choice. In other words, while buying a mobile phone one can select any laptop of his favourite colour among the free gifts. These .puters .e with good memory storage space and so the mobile user can store as many data as possible. Moreover these laptops supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless .work technologies which provide better connectivity. The latest trend of providing gifts is really very fabulous practice. This is a positive trial for both users as well as retailers. This new trend of offering free laptops with mobile phones is a good way of sales promotion. On the other hand, the favourable contract deals also satisfying the mobile users. Infact these free gifts as well as contract deals are meeting the requirements of both users and retailers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: