Australian backpacker tax to promote the reform of foreign migrant workers is imperative stand by me shinee

Australia backpacker tax off foreign youth workers – it is imperative to reform the Beijing Beijing in August 25, according to Australia’s "Sing Tao Daily" reported that a new study predicts that if the federal government plans to levy 32.5% tax Backpackers, Australia billions of dollars in tourism and agriculture will suffer great losses. Australian Studies Centre of Monash University in May to June this year, living in 335 working holiday visa for foreigners in Melbourne, Keynes and Hong Kong Youth Hostel Las moral investigation inquiry. The survey found that 60% of Australia’s tax on their wages will not come to Australia if they impose a tax on a backpack of about $32.5%. The investigation reveals that tourism industry will face the 57% response of respondents said that if the backpacker tax effect, they will also reduce the travel time in Australia, 69% of people said they spend money on the tour will be less. The Swiss medical graduates working holiday in Australia during the Holzer wave to the farm to pick strawberries, she believes that if the implementation of the backpacker wage income first Australian dollars to start pumping 32.5% pack tax, the country as a tourist attraction will be reduced. To help the Australian Youth Hostel network president Redy said that the township economy will be hit. He said the backpacker was shocked by the tax. They are usually engaged in around $21-22 per hour picking work on the farm, if the tax on their income $first began pumping out 1/3 of the tax, they only about $14 for food and accommodation and transportation expenses. This will make them feel that rural areas are not worthwhile. He believes that the working holiday visa Australia is one of the success stories, which makes the Australian young people to travel the world, but also attract a large number of foreign young people to Australia working holiday, often in the same period of $200 thousand foreign youth working holiday visa to australia. Survey of Monash University, if Australia backpacker tax, 62% working holiday visa of foreigners, will be changed to new zealand. If you do not implement this tax, backpackers working income in Australia reached 18 thousand Australian dollars, before the start of the income tax. The federal government accepted the views of the public and interest groups on the tax report deadline is September 2nd.相关的主题文章: