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How To Write Authentic Copy That Sells (part 2 Of 2) By: Fabienne Fredrickson | Feb 27th 2013 – As you may remember, we talked about what it takes to attract ideal clients and customers who happily buy when you’re not in front of them. We do this by having the skills to write authentic marketing copy that sells Tags: 5 Indispensable Marketing Tips By: Christine Kane | Oct 6th 2011 – You’re not selling widgets. You’re selling YOU, your soul, your passion, your ideas, your services. And marketing YOU feels like ego. It feels phony. It feels sales-y. I won’t lie to you. There will be dis.fort when you uplevel your marketing efforts and when you be.e more present in the marketplace. Here are 5 indispen … Tags: Authentic Marketing Or Spam – What Makes The Difference? By: Paul Reimers | May 6th 2011 – We all love the internet but accept spam as an unfortunate side effect. There have been more and more ways to minimize exposure to spam, but it’s still everywhere. In this article, I look at what makes some marketing spam and other marketing authentic. Tags: Is Your Marketing Authentic Or Is It Spam? By: Paul Reimers | Apr 21st 2011 – Spam can be frustrating, regardless of the form it takes, and everyone who is online experiences it regularly. What can we learn from spam to make our good marketing better? Authentic marketing is much more effective than any type of spam. Marketers who spam others are often doing so due to their not knowin … Tags: Social Media Builds Bridges Between Brands And Customers By: xebecemedia | May 20th 2010 – When more than 90 per cent of the target audience lives, eats and breathes social media, one cannot afford not to have a dedicated social media strategy that includes social media tools, networking sites and .munities to create a buzz about your product. Social media optimization is a set of methods for attracting visitor … Tags: Be Authentic To Get It Done And Grow Your Business By: Kim DeYoung | Mar 31st 2010 – It"��s incredibly important for an entrepreneur not to lose focus on what makes you and your business unique. Serial entrepreneur and business coach, Kim DeYoung will share with you four elements to help you identify your authentic marketing style so you can connect with your .munity and grow your business. Tags: Authentic Marketing (and Success) Require You To Look Within By: Fabienne Fredrickson | Dec 16th 2009 – Let’s face it: being self-employed, our businesses are fundamentally a reflection of every part of us. It’s not like working for a corporation where you don’t really control the out.e of the business unless you’re at the top. Who you and I "are" as people literally affects our businesses, every day, every minute, every se … Tags: Solopreneurs: Strategy Change Is The Solution! By: Suzanne Evans | Dec 7th 2009 – To win in the game of business you have to be willing to change strategies, a lesson that I have learned in my own business over the past three years. Let me share with you five tips on how you can change your strategy today. Tags: Smarter Business Marketing: Stop Falling Into The Marketing ‘do Over’ Trap By: Kendall Summerhawk | Dec 4th 2009 – Many women entrepreneurs waste so much time reinventing their products and services instead of repurposing the great info they already have. With a few simple tweaks you can have a fresh, new way of offering your products or services, saving you a ton of time, energy and money .pared to creating everything from scratch. Tags: Coaching Tips: Charge What You Deserve And Invest In Your Ongoing Growth By: Suzanne Evans MA, ACC | Dec 2nd 2009 – Two areas where many coaches struggle is in setting their rates and making the time to continue their own training. In this article we’ll discuss these two critical success factors and how you can use them to grow your coaching business. Tags: 3 Sneaky 6-figure Self-sabotaging Mistakes To Avoid By: Kendall Summerhawk | Nov 23rd 2009 – If you desire to break into 6 figures and you haven"��t reached it yet, chances are you may be struggling with a few sneaky little self-sabotage mistakes. Here are 3 quick tricks to send self-sabotage packing so you can quickly leap forward and increase your in.e. Tags: Is This Just A Hobby? By: Suzanne Evans | Nov 20th 2009 – Read on for five must haves to make sure you are a wealth conscious entrepreneur and not just a hobbyist. Tags: Make Your Initial Offer Irresistible By: Fabienne Fredrickson | Nov 19th 2009 – Pulling clients in is not only more fun than pushing hard to "get" clients, it’s MUCH easier. Who wouldn’t rather have clients call them instead of pounding the pavement? The concept is a no-brainer to grasp, but very few solo-entrepreneurs actually do anything about it. Most are wandering aimlessly, just waiting for client … Tags: Money And Marketing: 4 Business Model Blunders To Avoid By: Kendall Summerhawk | Nov 18th 2009 – Unpredictable, up-and-down cash flow is frustrating to deal with. By redesigning your business model so that every offer flows effortlessly into the next, you"��ll not only even out your in.e, you"��ll dramatically increase it as well. Tags: Quick Marketing Tips To Leap From 5 Figures To 6 And 7 Figures By: Kendall Summerhawk | Nov 12th 2009 – Do you: doubt yourself, undercharge, say yes to discounts, churn in indecision, let others walk on your boundaries or accept slow business growth? If so, mistakes like these are, no doubt, keeping you from breaking through to 6 or 7 figures. Tags: Is Your Virtual Assistant Letting You Down: Sound Business Advice For Women Entrepreneurs By: Kendall Summerhawk | Nov 3rd 2009 – Hiring a virtual assistant or VA is like any relationship and nobody likes to be disappointed, especially when you"��re investing in someone who is supposed to make your life easier. Don"��t be afraid to expect the best. Here are three respectful, yet powerful tips on how you can nip an assistant problem in the bud, witho … Tags: Business And Marketing: Breakthroughs For Writer’s Block By: Kendall Summerhawk | Oct 22nd 2009 – Whether you love to write or not, the written word is still one of the most influential ways to reach your audience, get your message out to the world and give people an opportunity to resonate with you. Staying focused on the energy of your writing will help your writing contain a crisp, clear marketing message that will … Tags: Business Marketing: Three Simple Steps To Wean Off One-on-one Clients And Create Leveraged In.e By: Kendall Summerhawk | Oct 14th 2009 – Weaning your clients off the one-on-one time they’re used to isn’t scary when you have a plan. Yes, you love your clients but honestly, too much one-on-one work can leave you feeling exhausted and strapped for time, plus it can limit how much you can make. Kendall SummerHawk offers three tips to free up your time and add l … Tags: The Heart Centered Revolution By: Suzanne Evans | Oct 10th 2009 – Are you feeling like you’ve lost your calling in all this marketing madness? I understand. Reconnect with you special gift by following by quick fix tips for the marketing weary! Tags: Money And Marketing: 5 Simple Ways To Increase Your Cash Flow Right Now By: Kendall Summerhawk | Oct 7th 2009 – It�"’""s surprisingly simple to take control of your cash flow right now. The trick is to take an active role in how you create the in.e you want, as opposed to sitting back and passively waiting for your luck to change. Tags: 4 Marketing Basics Will Get You To 6-figures And Beyond By: Kendall Summerhawk | Oct 2nd 2009 – There are four key areas where many business owners let fear make their decisions for them instead of tapping into the grace and ease of Divine Guidance. Discover a simple checklist for quieting fear and self-doubt to create a 6-figure (or beyond) business. Tags: Successful Business Marketing: What Does Your Marketing Archetype Say About You? By: Kendall Summerhawk | Sep 26th 2009 – Use these three easy tips on how to use the power of Marketing Archetypes and attract better, higher paying clients. You’ll quickly be able to write and talk about what you do in a .pelling, powerful and authentic way. Tags: What’s Your Motivation For Marketing Your Coaching Business? By: Suzanne Evans MA, ACC | Sep 24th 2009 – Growing your business is a long-term proposition. It takes a certain mindset to continue marketing, and without the right motivation it can be.e a dreaded task. Let’s talk about keeping this part of business personal and motivating for the long term. Tags: Are You Wearing Your Life Vest? By: Suzanne Evans | Sep 10th 2009 – Most of you want to ride the big wave and launch yourselves in a huge way, but it just feels too hard or too soon. You might be ready to jump in if you had your "life vests" in place… Tags: Solopreners: Are You Asking Yourself, "what Should I Do Next?" By: Suzanne Evans | Sep 10th 2009 – When change .es, let the fear rise up. Let the fear soak in. Embrace it. Spend a few minutes trying to understand it and then move. Read on for my plan and tips for you: Tags: Building Your Coaching Business: Are You In A Practice Or A Business? By: Suzanne Evans MA, ACC | Aug 25th 2009 – Coaches often refer to their business as their ‘practice,’ but in this article we’ll talk about why you should think bigger than that, and what the difference between a practice and a business really is. Tags: The Importance Of Authentic Marketing For Your Coaching Business By: Suzanne Evans MA, ACC | Aug 25th 2009 – Building your coaching business requires that you learn how to market your services authentically in a way that’s aligned with who you are. It’s not enough to be qualified; you need to know how to attract the right kind of clients. Tags: Solopreneurs: Earn More With Your Environment By: Suzanne Evans | Jul 13th 2009 – Our in.e, our environment, and our business are all based in choices. You can turn your environment, and thus your in.e, around just as quickly as you turn a light switch on or off. Try these quick tips in this article. Tags: Marketing Your Coaching Practice: 2 Tips To Help Build Your Business Successfully By: Suzanne Evans MA, ACC | Jul 8th 2009 – Two of the key struggles that I see with my clients in marketing their coaching practice are that they’re afraid to ask for their worth and their rate, and are stalled in their business growth because they’re primarily offering just one-on-one coaching services. This article addresses the ways you can over.e these struggl … Tags: Solopreneurs: Speak Fast To Fill Your Business By: Suzanne Evans | Jun 28th 2009 – Speaking (in person) is one way to get clients, and get clients fast! Here are my quick tips on how you can get in front of lots of people at once! Tags: Solopreneurs: Does Your Business Have Values? By: Suzanne Evans | Jun 27th 2009 – We often get so busy marketing, strategizing, and serving that we don’t take the time to identify our core values for our businesses. When you stay on track with your business values, you naturally help more people and make more money. Tags: Relationship Marketing: Essential Principles To Successfully Ask For What You Want In Your Business By: Suzanne Evans | Jun 18th 2009 – Learning to ask for what you want in your business does not .e naturally to most entrepreneurs. Let’s discuss some key principles to help you formulate a plan for asking the right questions, to the right people, at the right time, to get the right results. Tags: Small Business Marketing A Different Look At Understanding Your Niche By: Suzanne Evans MA, ACC | Jun 9th 2009 – Do you struggle in this supposedly essential step of �"’˜identifying your niche’? In this article you’ll learn how to ask the right question that makes everything easier in marketing your small business, and why you don’t need a �"’˜niche’ after all. Tags: Solopreneurs: Three Top Tips To Make Your Bait More Exciting And Attract More Clients By: Suzanne Evans | Jun 8th 2009 – What are you using to attract your clients? The right bait is key. if you are struggling with attracting clients, making more money, and getting nibbles of interest, I suggest you first start by reevaluating your bait. Read on for my top three tips. Tags: Solopreneurs: Now Is Not The Time To Give Up! By: Suzanne Evans | May 31st 2009 – It is the most extraordinary experience I have with my clients and colleagues…watching how and when they stop. I see it over and over again… Temporary Defeat = I Quit. Read on to discover why you should never quit! Tags: Solopreneurs: Are The Details Getting You Down? By: Suzanne Evans | May 21st 2009 – Where do I start? When launching a product, program, service, or new business everything has to be done. Right? A little overwhelming? Right? Here are a few simple points to get the right things done while not spending all your time on the tiny details. Tags: Law Of Attraction Marketing – Attract Your Ideal Clients When You Embrace Your Inner Helping Guru By: Suzanne Evans MA, ACC | May 12th 2009 – As a solo coach building your practice, reaching the right people is about discovering your gift and embracing that it is not something you do, it is not your profession or your title, it is a gift. In this article you’ll learn that understanding how to share your gift authentically is the true magnet that will draw your id … Tags: Authentic Marketing One Coach’s Story From Confusion To Clarity By: Suzanne Evans MA, ACC | May 12th 2009 – Lots of people in helping professions like coaching have a natural aversion to what we typically hear about in ‘marketing.’ Here’s my story of how I found a more authentic way to build my business and stopped stressing about finding a ‘niche.’ Tags: Solopreneurs: Are You Looking Left And Right? By: Suzanne Evans | May 10th 2009 – Have you ever driven with someone who turns their head to talk WHILE driving? It can be scary. I see helpingpreneurs do this in business all the time. They look left and right to see what everyone else is doing. So here are a few pointers to keep you from judging and .paring yourself, so that the BEST you and theAUTHENTI … Tags: Solopreneurs: Introducing A Different Way To Identify Who You Serve In The Marketplace By: Suzanne Evans | May 10th 2009 – We’ve all heard how important it is to identify our "niche" or even "sub-niche" business. Entrepreneurs often struggle with pinpointing exactly who to serve. If we frame it as finding out who needs us most, it a very different situation. Tags: Solopreneurs – You May Have Forgotten! By: Suzanne Evans | May 5th 2009 – YOU are a gift. A gift to share with others. And if you are standing knee deep in your own worry, fear, self-pity or disappointment, then you are not living your highest purpose. It breaks my heart when I get emails/calls from people who are bursting with possibility and purpose, yet they can’t make the quantum leap. Their … Tags: Solopreneurs: Are You Supporting Your Clients Fully? By: Suzanne Evans | Apr 30th 2009 – How you support your clients is KEY to keeping them with you and them telling others to work with you. Here are some quick tips to support your clients authentically and fully! Tags: Helpingpreneurs: The Economy Of Love By: Suzanne Evans | Apr 26th 2009 – We live in an abundant universe. All the resources, support, and direction we need is all around. Failure is not an option in creating and growing your business. The economy of love in your business is what you can share with those you want to help, heal, support, inspire, and serve. Tags: Extending Your Business In The Most Fruitful Way By: Ranju Kumar | Apr 21st 2009 – If you are willing to extend your business in the most effective way possible, then you have to make way for online business marketing. Tags: 3 Simple Steps To Make More Money By Making A Difference By: Suzanne Evans | Apr 19th 2009 – When I started doing life and career coaching, I was really inspired to start a business. I really wanted to work with people. I wanted to support people, help people, and I had no clue how to start a business. I researched and tried to find models and different examples, but I didn’t have a clue how to put it all together. … Tags: Helpingpreneurs – Authenticity Sells! By: Suzanne Evans | Apr 1st 2009 – If you are going to try and be someone else, behave like someone else or do it the "right" way, building a business is going to be a struggle. When I decided to be ME in my business, everything changed. Read on for some tips for your own authentic marketing. Tags: Heart-based Coaching: Three Simple Steps To Make More Money By Making A Difference By: Suzanne Evans MA, ACC | Mar 16th 2009 – If you want to make a living by making a difference, your business has to reach people. Getting clear on your business plan can actually allow you touch hundreds and thousands of people through your work. I’d like to invite you to learn how to help more people, make more money and enjoy more freedom with the free 5- … Tags: 5 Top Tips To Build Your List By: Suzanne Evans | Feb 17th 2009 – Having a list is one of the most important elements of marketing your business. I would bet many of you have lost opportunities to build your database. Read on for my TOP 5 ways to grow your list and use it as an authentic marketing tool to help more people and make more money! Tags: Is Your Business Investment Portfolio Bankrupt? By: Suzanne Evans | Feb 10th 2009 – I recently spent a wonderful evening in the .pany of a few of my clients. They are smart, caring, energetic and inspiring. They are changing the world and I know that is the business you are looking to build or create – one that truly makes a difference. But something else every successful person in that room got was that … Tags: Social Media Optimization – An Increasing Internet Culture By: businessb3 | Jul 23rd 2008 – Social media optimization is not a tool but it is today"��s internet culture. With the social media sites on internet, people have got a good platform to be.e more social, more interactive and more .municative. Socialmediaoptimization doesn"��t only allow discovering and reading the content and information but also enco … Tags: 相关的主题文章: