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Autumn dryness, autumn trapped, autumn frost, how broken! Sohu (health experts: Wang Lu, master of Peking University Health Science Center, two national public nutritionist, the science China micro platform original episode) lead: September, the pleasant season is an invigorating autumn climate, can, if encountered skin itching, chapped lips, nasopharynx dry cough more than, or in the blues, drowsy, fatigue, mental state it is not only be sleepy straws, health hazards, and affect the good mood, will directly lead to low efficiency of work and study. In fact, this is the dry autumn, autumn trapped two statue God to blame. There are troubled young girls for many years "job" problem, if you really want to comply with the mothers said "warm spring and autumn freeze" principle, in order to achieve the "no miscellaneous diseases", or there is no need to "cover" or "frozen"? These seemingly every year will encounter problems, whether or not everyone will appear? Once encountered, how to deal with it? Diet, exercise, dietary supplements which is more effective? Conclusion: autumn is the harvest season, numerous fruits can also easily bring us a sense of happiness. If we can uphold the correct concept of health in this summer on the occasion of the handover, choose fresh healthy food, the right way of cooking, food aid force to improve health; and actively strengthen the exercise, let the body to keep in a high metabolism, maintain the appropriate degree of excitement; keep yourself away from dry autumn, autumn and autumn storm the "three big mountains freeze". At the same time, maintenance of good health in the autumn, but also help us in this year the most cool comfortable season to create the most satisfying work and learning achievement, not beautiful? Editor: Ali Ji相关的主题文章: