Autumn maternal health care to stay away from lit food alienware m17x

Fall pregnant mother health to stay away from the food [Abstract] autumn, air dry. Many expectant mothers are lit, pregnant women get angry not only physical involvement, the mood is irritable. Autumn autumn diet rich in fresh Vegetable & Fruit have listed, but should pay attention to the pesticide residue on the Vegetable & Fruit must be cleaned. Some pregnant women should not eat the food should also pay attention, such as autumn crab market, but the cold foot of the crab is very high, pregnant women should avoid eating in early pregnancy, so as not to cause abortion. At the same time, autumn is dry, be careful not to eat too much food from the diet, usually add more water, eat Runfei food, such as honey, loquat, sugar cane and dairy products. Not only with a way of keeping good health can be avoided, because the autumn dryness caused by constipation and respiratory diseases. Autumn how to eat fruit pregnant women should not eat too much cold fruit, will stimulate the fetus. At the same time, as the body usually weak, cold, cold hands and feet, thin stool, the so-called "cold", should eat warm or neutral fruit; on the contrary, Wakaguchi Miki, upset, dry stool, the so-called "fire", "fire up", may be appropriate to eat fruits. The table below for reference: cold, cool fruit, watermelon, muskmelon, muskmelon, strawberry, melon, pear, banana, loquat, orange, grapefruit, kiwi, mango, persimmon, mangosteen, mulberry etc.. Warm and hot sex fruit: cherry, pomegranate, longan, litchi, durian, rambutan, olive, kumquat, plum, peach etc.. Flat fruit: apple, grape, peach, apricot, pineapple, pitaya, olive, carambola, sugarcane, plum, plum, blueberry, etc.. Tips: Mango easy to cause allergies, allergic history of pregnant women should not eat; oranges can not be too much, easy to get angry; fasting can not eat pineapple; if the stomach is not good, you can not eat persimmons.相关的主题文章: