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B analysis: well-matched in strength to shake hands and Sohu Sochaux home court – August 30, 2016 Beijing time 02:302016-2017 France League fifth round game to compete, including a home court against Brest at sochaux. The two teams in the new season before the 4 round after the undefeated, and players play very stable, they shake hands and optimistic about this battle. The team looks: Sochaux last season of poor grades, only lower class area 3 points higher relegation, but this season the team has changed a lot, former zhanba 4 2 wins and 2 grades, it is worth mentioning that, from May this year to now they are unbeaten, the team morale masamori. In the play method League Cup, the team with the striker he first broke open the door to Los Bicester, the final 2 to 0 win sochaux. But from their nearly 6 battle of the season, the team offensive play is not stable, which has failed to score in 3 games. In this case, the attack of the game is probably not strong sochaux. Brest this good season, offensive ability has greatly improved, former zhanba 4 have scored 2 goals or more, the integral ranked list, the team in the league is a good prospect. But in the battle method League Cup, Brest lost 2 to 0 unfortunate Sochaux surprising. In any case, from the current point of view, Brest did not attack the game away win grasp, both sides are good in the situation, the 1 points is the most reasonable. Analysis of ball handicap: two teams in the new season, the results were very high at the beginning of the 2.03-2.94-3.92 light, the compensate SP combination, is advantageous for the home team, after all the game at Sochaux home court advantage, at the same time outside the main victory and also betting more, and at the beginning of the disc disc to open the home team let hemisphere high water dish, and after the injection, the water level continues to rise, this is a typical plate, but according to the current state of the two teams to analyze, hemisphere concessions Sochaux currently is not stable, the game Brest win. SMG recommended: 1-1 score: 10 disc Shengping Fu recommended: Brest (the northern hemisphere)相关的主题文章: