Beautiful scenery never misses! Teach you how to take a good shot outside the sky wetnwild

Beautiful scenery never misses! Teach you a few strokes to shoot the plane outside the sky after the Mid Autumn Festival is about to usher in the National Day holiday, I believe many friends have planned a national day travel. This year to have depth trip plan, the trip is for yourself – you try to dig for a sabbatical not "herd?" Where the difficulty is really higher than ever. Nevertheless, a rare holiday we can still crazy some choose to travel abroad, sit on the plane after a dream of any country you can play for a week! Today, I want to talk to you about how to capture the beautiful scenery outside the window in the plane, let you return again after the playback photos still lead a person to endless aftertastes. Prior to the preparation of the film, I do not need to say, we all know that the plane is not able to open the phone, so if you use the phone on the plane shot out of the window is a large talent. Tablet pc notebook computers are smart devices with cameras, you can use it if you are not afraid of trouble. Of course, the author of the most recommended or SLR cameras, single camera or advanced card camera (emphasizing the reason for the advanced course, in order to ensure the quality). Lens to focus on the wide angle as the most preferred choice, the author uses a 28mm F2 lens, if you can have ultra wide angle lens (focal length less than 20mm) is better. Well, even if you do not have these, only 18-55mm (APS-C) or 24-70mm (full frame) of zoom lens is indifferent, quality difference. One of the most important premise is that when you check-in must choose a A position or F position, namely the window. If you can not get this position, then it depends on luck, and then sit on the window to ask the person to exchange positions. As long as the friendly attitude should be no problem. After getting the window, you need to put the camera in the camera bag, and then put the bag in front of the bottom, do not put in the top of the luggage compartment. Because the timing of the beauty is often only a few seconds, your camera must be placed around. Large plane the premise is that you must sit in the window plane flew above the clouds will present a beautiful scenery, you don’t have to worry too much from taking a beautiful sky. I think that the sunrise and sunset is the best time to shoot the two points, you can choose as much as possible the time to boarding. And most of the time I choose to board before sunset, of course, also tried to choose the midnight boarding, in addition to the ticket price is expected to look at the outside of the plane to see the magnificent scenery. Note that when you get the window, you can see if the window is very dirty. If you want to use a paper towel to wipe a little hard, which is a great help for the film. Clean the window is the most important step but no matter how you seriously to clean, you can not do without two blocks long vicissitudes of the acrylic organic glass effect. That is to say, across the window if the pictures regardless of transmittance, sharpness, color depth will all be a lot worse than usual shooting. But this!相关的主题文章: