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Beijing Shanghai account can not run drops? We help you interpret the new rules of science and technology science and technology Sohu – Sohu Wen Cui Peng October 8th afternoon, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission issued the "Beijing online booking taxi business service management regulations (Draft)", the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission also issued a "Shanghai city network booking taxi business service management regulations (draft)". To put forward various specifications two "comments" file on the network about the car market. Among the two documents also require the network about the driver must have both local accounts and local vehicle license, but also about the network about the vehicle configuration made a mandatory requirement. The introduction of the two documents caused a lot of public opinion, they will have a significant impact on the future travel market, Sohu technology selected an important part of the interpretation. 1 want to run a car, to take account of local license plate and the draft regulations are the most popular with Hukou in Beijing, Beijing city has issued the corresponding quasi driving type motor vehicle license and has more than 3 years of driving experience. That is to say after the open car, the driver must have accounts in Beijing and Beijing plate. Coincidentally, Shanghai City, the introduction of the draft also asked the driver to have accounts in Shanghai and Shanghai city of license plate. This will undoubtedly greatly restrict private cars in the net about car service practitioners to the Sohu said, if only asked the driver to have Beijing or Shanghai license plate can accept, if at the same time have local accounts, so the majority of private car owners are not open the car. Drops of response is given, the move will lead to car drivers are greatly reduced, such as the city of Shanghai has enabled more than 410 thousand drivers in Shanghai accounts only 10 thousand people, accounted for less than 3%. If the new regulations also limit registration and license plate, a large black car driver was washing drops of white and will lose control platform, change back to the roadside "live down" state, ambush in the outer suburbs and hot spots in the subway station near the scenic spots have, but will increase the difficulty of supervision of relevant departments. As to whether the restrictions on the provisions of the employment related employment discrimination, but also a sensitive topic. 2 hundreds of thousands of car run drops? In addition to the household registration and licensing requirements, the draft of the vehicle itself also made rigid requirements: 5 three car passenger car exhaust volume is not less than 2.0L or 1.8T, the vehicle wheelbase is not less than 2700 mm; new energy axle distance not less than 2650 mm; 7 seat passenger car exhaust volume is not less than 2.0L, the wheelbase is not less than 3000 mm and the length is greater than 5100 mm. The rules for automobile exhaust and wheelbase requirements, almost ruled out all 150 thousand yuan less than the family car. Subject to the national policy of small displacement car subsidies and cost considerations, the domestic auto market sales of the best A-class car most wheelbase is not higher than 2700 mm, the displacement is not more than 1.8L or 1.6T. This means that most of the existing drops of express drivers will be household registration, vehicle license plate and vehicle type three factors excluded from the network about the car operation team. Bit side said that the car is currently engaged in the network of vehicles in line with the new wheelbase requirements.相关的主题文章: