Beijing – VIDEO – Emperor Qianlong treasures in the museum in Chengdu out of the box into the cabine 3edyy

Beijing – VIDEO – Emperor Qian Long treasures in the museum in Chengdu out of the box into the cabinet of emperor Qian Long in the Chengdu museum treasures out of the box into the cabinet [comment] "prosperous emperor — Qing Gaozong emperor Qian Long special exhibition" will be held on September 15th in Chengdu Museum carried out, and the next day open to the public. This exhibition is the first time in 30 years after the the Imperial Palace Exhibition for the first time came to Chengdu, the first exhibition is Qianlong in the southwest region, selected the the Imperial Palace museum is closely related with the cultural relics of Emperor Qianlong of 100 sets, involving many fields of politics, economy, culture, military, art, for the audience to fully display the emperor as the quite and far-reaching impact on future generations of emperors. 9 this afternoon, hundreds of pieces of precious relics quietly arrived in Chengdu on the same day, and entering the truck. The reporter then also see in the exhibition site, exhibition work has entered the final sprint stage, many showcase, booth has been formed. The reporter concerns the humidity and temperature, associate researcher at the Imperial Palace Museum Cao Lianming said, in the exhibition before the Imperial Palace experts has two visits to Chengdu, to do the exhibition in determining conditions. The same period [] (associate researcher at the Imperial Palace Museum Cao Lianming) we first consider the Chengdu weather is wet, some painting, embroidery, (if) the temperature changes affected, then through our preliminary investigation, investigation of two times. Silk embroidery, painting, both temperature and humidity, it is more suitable for the temperature. We will do this exhibition on condition that this condition is met. I think this exhibition (Qian Long exhibition), in the country is the largest, but also exhibits more refined, the words of Su Shi in the country did not show that there is a Jinou everlasting cup, this is the first time in China (exhibition). [comment] 11 on the morning of 9, all kinds of precious cultural relics in succession in the exhibition hall scene out of the box into the cabinet, a piece of priceless treasures the staff was carefully removed, and then by heritage experts repeated to confirm whether damaged or abnormal, and ultimately to into the showcase waiting for the people to come to watch. The Qianlong heritage exhibition is Chengdu museum to enrich the cultural life of the people of the heavyweight exhibition, then there are diverse cultural exhibition activities have been held. The same period [] (Chengdu museum curator Wang Yi) Chengdu museum is the first exhibition (Zhang Daqian exhibition) very successful, I think the exhibition will be particularly successful, after the the Imperial Palace exhibition exhibition in Dunhuang also can be especially welcomed by the audience, next year there are also the Russian Ross Behring exhibition, Summer Palace exhibition. The Chengdu museum will be in a special way for the people of Chengdu can stay at home and traveled all over the world, enjoy the world of those wonderful infinite, we cherished culture. Chengdu, China相关的主题文章: