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Bobang mall suspected pyramid selling case investors said they pay off "Boban mall incident has filed a loss" investors said they pay line loss in September 21st, the Beijing News reported the "derivative" pyramid scheme "Boban: to" sell the oil dividends in the name of "soliciting a text. To provide investors with bobon mall had camellia oil product page screenshot of mobile phone. – "derivative" pyramid scheme "Boban" tracking reports Beijing News economic investigation group reported in September 20th WeChat public number bobon mall "by WeChat mall in the form of the name of" pull "to allow investors to earn income reports to buy tea. The lawyer thinks, bobon mall practice has been suspected to constitute the pyramid. In September 21st, the Beijing News reporter learned that some investors have been reported to the police, Jiangsu County of Lianshui Province Economic Investigation Brigade police said it had filed for bobon mall incident. Investors said they pay off loss of investor Lin Chen (a pseudonym) bobon mall told reporters yesterday, had repeatedly tried to call to find bobon mall operators, but has not been a response. Because Jiangsu is the recommendation of a friend to buy their own bobon mall thing, but in Guangdong he did not alarm, and although he did not get a bonus, but have recommended investment money back to uncle. "He didn’t lose a penny. He took our family." Lin Chen said. Beijing News reporter learned that, at present, Jiangsu and other places, some investors have been in the local alarm. A higher level of investors told reporters that she had been to the police alarm, but there is still no progress. Some online posting said, Jiangsu Lianshui County Public Security Bureau has to reflect the situation of bobon mall investors filing, the name of "suspected of mlm". Yesterday, the Beijing News reporter called Lianshui County Public Security Bureau phone, the other to provide Lianshui County Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade of the landline number. Subsequently, the reporter as an investor has to ask whether the bobon mall filing, junction police Economic Investigation Brigade, Lianshui County police have filed. But on the filing time and the name, the police said, I need to know the past. WeChat platform: recently received a large number of similar complaints in recent years, the illegal pyramid network events in newspapers, MLM organization started by WeChat, WeChat public, group chat, QQ group, unfamiliar street and other social platform marketing activities, known as "micro pyramid". By the China University of Political Science and Law Institute of capital and Financial Network Research Center released a new network marketing research report shows that at least half of China’s pyramid schemes for micro marketing. Conservative estimates, more than tens of thousands of people involved in micro MLM, participating in the amount of hundreds of billions, regardless of the number and amount are far beyond the traditional pyramid schemes. Lin Chen believes that Tencent as a platform to provide the party should bear the responsibility. Some experts believe that WeChat and other social platforms as a tool for the launch of micro marketing, micro marketing can not shirk the responsibility of self censorship and self regulatory responsibilities. About bobon mall suspected pyramid selling event, WeChat platform yesterday in response to the Beijing News reporter said: "recently, a large number of users on the platform received the complaint behavior, this kind of behavior has seriously infringed the interests of users, a good platform of destruction相关的主题文章: