Bomb Island 2 on the new version of the universal pursuit of the dog detonated two bombs, 798 luonv

"Piano Island 2" version of the line two bomb detonated 798 people chase the dog love kiss, adorable God pet detonated 798 Art Plaza to celebrate! "Bouncing Island 2" new version officially launched by the hero, mutual entertainment host, nine tour, LETV app store, Iqiyi, millet and Lenovo game live music store the joint title sponsor of the "million reward for · two people chasing dog bomb" activities, yesterday (September 29th) 4 pm – 6 in Beijing Chaoyang District 798 art space is located outside Outstanding Art Plaza grand opening, hundreds of game player crazy to find dogs, site popularity explosion table! As a new generation of [LBS] find dog artifact for the "million reward for · two people chasing dogs play" activities, especially the development of a new official NPC – "dog two bomb", in the event of time, through the LBS system to find the dog two bomb game player were cash prizes, the highest reached 10000 yuan LBS! The system is a location positioning function based on the location of the LBS system through the game player within the game to their dogs and NPC two bombs in the position on the map, the map to find the dog two bomb Mami win. LBS screenshots accept the award at the scene [massive prizes] million Marriott back million yuan in cash to send the game player. Officials at the event to prepare up to one million in cash prizes, the first to find the dog two lucky shot directly received a cash prize of $ten thousand. After the completion of the players also have access to a maximum of five thousand yuan, a minimum of $one hundred in cash envelopes, so wayward game manufacturers, I really was the first encounter. In addition to the cash prize, the official also eager to participate in the activities of the prepared gifts around the massive game player, including mouse pad, notebook and "bomb" limited Island 2 T-shirts, more out of print "pet dog two bomb" as part of the winning game player to receive a red envelope! Girl photo anchors tracking dog two bomb [adorable two ha the ingenious girl heart] to say our hero, the two stay two HA is adorable. Before the event, the two God once played adorable pet has attracted a lot of popularity, pedestrians have a photo, the scene was also a little confused… Stay adorable God pet. In addition, the most eye-catching is the beautiful anchor. The two bomb dog chase event go to the small sin many anchors came to the scene, broadcast live on the famous live platform course, less than one hour of popularity will break one hundred thousand, visible beauty with the adorable pet this combination is a suction eye! Anchors with two dogs and dogs two bomb bomb photo anchor intimate interaction Meng Da Liao Mei Mobile Games ejection "bouncing Island 2" the new version has been officially launched, the LBS system with a heavy attack, you found around Ta! Eleven more during the massive activity sent out, let you get welfare hands hang limp! Let us go into the open up of the black girl equal to anything "bouncing Island 2" game in the world!相关的主题文章: