By 2020, the poverty alleviation fund for the poor areas reached 100 billion yuan

To 2020 in poor areas of industrial poverty alleviation fund plan reached 100 billion yuan in October 13 Beijing Xinhua News Agency (Wang Jing) of the State Council Information Office for 13 days China third poverty day activities held a press conference. According to the spokesman of the State Council, the office of Poverty Alleviation Policies and regulations Secretary Su Guoxia revealed plans to 2020 in poor areas of industrial poverty alleviation funds reached 100 billion yuan. Data show that the financial poverty alleviation efforts increased over the past year. For example, the establishment of poverty alleviation microfinance for poor households filing riser below $fifty thousand, less than three years, without collateral mortgage free, lending base rate, poverty alleviation fund subsidies, county built the risk compensation support. Again, the establishment of poverty alleviation refinancing, issuing special financial bonds, etc.. In addition, the precise poverty alleviation and precision poverty alleviation strategy have been deepened. It is understood that the current total elimination to identify poverty population of 9 million 290 thousand people, the makeup of 8 million 70 thousand people, the poverty reduction target accuracy improvement. At the same time, some poor areas as soon as possible in order to get rid of poverty hat, inevitably resort to deceit or "Paul, a" one off ", do not cultivate poor survival skills. Su Guoxia called this phenomenon "poverty alleviation"". In order to avoid this phenomenon, Su Guoxia proposed to set good rules. "Poverty" on the establishment of exit mechanism of opinions "provisions, the impoverished county, central poverty rate should be reduced to below 2%, the below 3% will be announced exit. In addition to the income of poor people to meet national standards, we must also solve the compulsory education, basic medical care and housing security. With such rules, it’s not easy to get out of poverty." She also said, "we have worked out a provincial government poverty assessment measures, fraud is accountable. The government should invite third parties to carry out independent evaluation of the counties, villages and households who want to quit and get rid of poverty." (finished) (China News Network)

到2020年贫困地区产业扶贫基金计划达1000亿元人民币  中新社北京10月13日电 (王婧)国务院新闻办公室13日为中国第三个扶贫日活动举行发布会。据国务院扶贫办新闻发言人、政策法规司司长苏国霞透露,计划到2020年贫困地区产业扶贫基金达1000亿元人民币。  数据显示,一年来金融扶贫力度加大。例如,设立扶贫小额信贷,为建档立卡贫困户提供五万元以下、三年以内、免担保免抵押、基础利率放贷、扶贫资金贴息、县建风险补偿金的支持。再如,设立扶贫再贷款,发行专项金融债等。  另外,精准扶贫、精准脱贫战略得到深化。据知,目前共剔除识别不准的贫困人口929万人,补录807万人,扶贫对象精准度不断提高。  与此同时,一些贫困地区为了尽快甩掉贫困的帽子,难免弄虚作假,或是“一保了之”“一脱了之”,不用心培养贫困户生存技能。苏国霞称此现象为“脱贫急躁症”。  为避免此类现象,苏国霞提出要定好规矩。“《关于建立贫困退出机制的意见》规定,贫困县,中部的贫困发生率要降到2%以下,西部降到3%以下才能宣布退出。除贫困人口收入要达到国家标准外,还必须解决义务教育、基本医疗和住房安全。有了这样的规矩,想随便退出贫困就不那么容易了。”  她还表示,“我们制定了省级政府脱贫攻坚的考核办法,弄虚作假是要问责的。对提出要退出、要脱贫的县、村、户,都要邀请第三方进行独立评估。”(完)(中国新闻网)相关的主题文章: