BYD driverless technology will be the first to be used in rail transit innawoods

BYD will be the first unmanned technology used in rail Byd Company Limited ("BYD") is developing unmanned technology, not the first for new energy vehicles, but for the new rail transit industry. Today, BYD in Shenzhen Pingshan six Pentagon BYD headquarters held the first monorail "cloud track" the opening ceremony, officially move the fourth rail transit after IT, automobile, new energy industries of the three major industries. Chairman and chief executive of BYD (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Wang Chuanfu said 13 of the enterprises in the five years ago at the start of rail transportation research and development, technology is now mature, interested in this new city traffic technology and solutions of more than and 20 city, and is in talks. Among them, the first order fell in Shantou, 250 km long. In the face of energy security, climate change and city air pollution problems have become increasingly serious, BYD is not limited to looking for solutions from the automotive field. In order to further expand the city public transportation market, ease traffic congestion and air pollution problems fast city urbanization, to help the city to realize the transformation from "city on wheels" to "track the city", BYD into the rail of this emerging industry. First financial reporter 13, learned from BYD, the company’s R & D unmanned technology will be used in the cloud, in order to reduce operating costs. Developing rail transit is one of the effective solutions to urban traffic congestion. BYD rail transit mainly type A and type C line line two modes, mainly located in the urban area A line public transportation route and the airport, train station, subway and other special line connection site, the construction cost of 1.5-2.5 million per kilometer, C line into the community, close to residential and commercial field, such as medicine. The cost is 100 million yuan per kilometer or less than 100 million yuan. Overall, BYD cloud track is small and medium capacity rail transportation, comprehensive advantages are very prominent, the cost is only 15 of the subway construction cycle is only about 13 of the subway. Currently, BYD has launched a new rail transportation industry has been supported by financial institutions. Two days ago, BYD and the National Development Bank in Shenzhen signed a 60 billion yuan "monorail transit industry strategic cooperation agreement".相关的主题文章: