Cai Yingwen 100 days of exams, Hualian voters vote failing

Cai Yingwen "100 days of exams, Hualian voters vote" failing "Cai Yingwen" hundred days of exams, Hualian voters vote "failing" (Phoenix Sun talk column exclusive manuscripts, without permission is forbidden) "I am Hong Xiuzhu with you, please! At the end of the day, to Dora some tickets, everyone refueling, thank you!" The Hualian mayor election, KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu personally took the KMT Hualian County Bureau, Party comrades to the telephone directory telephone number to call, for the upcoming battle do evil cuipiao mobilization last. This is the sixteenth local elections after Hong Xiuzhu was elected chairman of the party, unbeaten but she did not dare to slack. As the Hualian county county and East Taiwan town center of Hualian City, the blue sky becomes green has been for six years, as with the blue camp hinterland into a razor, became the blue camp from the "king of Hualian" and the deep hatred Fu Qi, rouzhongci. This six years, the DPP’s former Hualian mayor Tian Zhixuan has dedicated policy and beyond the blue-green stance, even in the big blue and small green Hualian city secured firm, but also help Xiao Meiqin winning the Hualian County constituency "legislator", in the blue camp backyard staged a "green legend". However, when Cai Yingwen took office just 9 days later, he died from cancer Zhixuan tian. The DPP will suddenly die, as in the politics of Taiwan dropped a bombshell, let this mountain town once again become the focus of taiwan. Once the lost city of Hualian, the DPP will lose the seat of East Taiwan only "Green Fortress", also let the original placid town become the head of the election, "Cai Yingwen mouth can not afford a blue-green confrontation. Also can not afford to lose Hong Xiuzhu. Took over the past six months, the attack and challenge their suffering has never stopped, party bigwigs also all the time not to flood the party chairmanship look at fiercely as a tiger does. If you can get back from the hands of the DPP Hualian, Hong Xiuzhu can not only boost the morale of the blue camp, but also to consolidate its position in the party, one year after the election of the chairman of the party and the mayor of the county election to win the initiative. Therefore, quite dramatically, a local town head election, unexpectedly rose to become Taiwan’s attention, the blue and green elite make out the duel. The ruling Democratic Progressive Party not only by the new trend of Zheng Wencan, "Congress" Lin Jialong two factions will personally warlord, dispatched "chrysanthemum God" (Kaohsiung mayor Chen Ju) "God" (Tainan mayor Lai Qingde) king of the two strong blessing, even at the expense of investment administrative resources DPP candidate, widow Zhang He Tian Zhixuan assisted selection. But the opposition Kuomintang party chairman Hong Xiuzhu also not resigned to playing second fiddle, not only again and again cruising the streets, before the vice president Wu den Yih, former Taipei mayor Hao Longbin and mayor Hu Zhiqiang also repeatedly in front Party candidate Wei Jiaxian campaigning, Hong Xiuzhu moved to Hualian more often held in action, and strive to win the election by disc advantage. Coincidentally, the election happened 100th days after Cai Yingwen took office. Eight years ago, I’m afraid I walk in the hundred days of March in the forefront of the choke a horse, Cai Yingwen, eight years after they can’t afford to lose the "hundred days" were exam "will eventually fail the exam.". May be "loser" Cai Yingwen also knew that the DPP could not win "". After all, the city of Hualian, the military and government groups)相关的主题文章: