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SEO are you looking for more hits for your website? Well in that case you need to work on your landing page optimization. However even after working of optimization of landing page many internet marketers are not successful. They do not get many hits and even if they do get good hits their conversion rate is not at all high. This is because they might not have been working on the optimization in the correct manner. There are few things you need to concentrate on while conducting landing page optimization. Some of the interesting tips to have perfect optimization of your websites landing page are stated below: Images always work well with landing page. If you can post an image on your landing page with a great offer, a new one probably, that can grab the attention and interest of the viewers instantly. Therefore it is important that you make use of images on your landing page and make it easy to understand for the viewers. Navigation might at time not work well for you. If your landing page is long enough that people will need to scroll down in order to see the entire information then they might not do so in case of getting bored. If you have kept any important information at the bottom of your web page then long pages might ruin it for you. Therefore try and keep your landing page not too long. Your web page and your website as well should be able to work on cell phones as well. These days cell phone s are so .mon to make use of internet that most of the people browse internet through their smart phones. This is why the landing page optimization should be done in a way that the landing page should be supported on the mobile phones. The privacy policy of your landing should be very strict and secured. When people .e to visit your landing page they need to be secured about filling in their personal information. You need to collect data from the visitors and the more data you receive higher will be the rate of success of your strategy. So now that you are aware of some amazing tricks of landing page optimization do not delay to start up with one. Hire a good internet marketing .pany who can handle your online strategy with expertise. An expert can help you in the most skilled manner to attend your goals. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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UnCategorized On a chilly overcast Saturday morning on November 18, 2006, in our Nations capital, a potentially historic gathering of a few, .mitted, thoughtful progressive Christians gathered in the Washington Plaza Hotel. Successful social justice movements have always been grounded in the universal ethical spiritual truths that are shared by all the worlds’ great religions. It was progressive Christians who sought to abolish slavery and then bring into reality the founding father’s ideal of equality of all men and women during the turbulent ’60’s. We too live in a time where all things are possible, and Christians on the left who are fed up with the neo-con’s hijacking of Jesus have birthed a think tank to counter the Rove Machine. The Institute of Progressive Christianity may well prove to be the catalyst for the highest ideals of civic discourse and the pursuit of a humane and .passionate public policy. After the events of that day we call 9/11, the ethics, philosophy and morals of President Bush’s favorite philosopher were neglected when this Administration chose to use fear to control and manipulate public opinion: when this Administration chose unilateral action and revenge instead of looking within at the reasons why a few angry men targeted and murdered innocent people. Since the Regan years, the Christian fundamentalist voice has been the only voice in the arenas of media, culture and politics. But the times they have a’ changed for at this most critical moment in America when the walls of separation between Church and State have crumbled, thoughtful .mitted Christians on the left have united to rebuild and repair that breach and offer up a more balanced approach to faith as it relates to social and political concerns. The Institute of Progressive Christianity already is a primary linking portal on the web for uniting diverse and politically minded progressive Christian groups that have been operating unaware of one another. "The fierce urgency of now" [Rev. MLK, Jr.] has knitted together a diverse group of Christians from many denominations and without any church affiliations in the struggle to resurrect the message, philosophy and ethics of Jesus of Nazareth who modeled forgiveness, love and nonviolence even while being nailed to a cross. Both Christ and the Founding Father’s of America were all about liberation, tolerance, diversity and reason, not about empire building, torture or invading other countries! The morphing of Church and State by this Administration has fostered a Christianity that Jesus would not recognize. For the first three decades after Christ walked the earth, those that loved and followed him were not called Christians, but followers of The Way. The Way being doing what Christ taught which was one must love and forgive one’s enemies and to wake up and see that the Divine spark is already within, to care for the poor and support the oppressed. There is nothing Christian about capitalism, war or torture. In our Nation’s capital the inaugural team for the project to reclaim the gospel message of .passion, justice and peace was attended by less than one hundred visionaries, scholars, published authors, social justice activists and a 2008 Presidential candidate. Mike Gravel, Senator from Alaska 1969-1981 seeks to empower we the people of America to be.e the lawmakers and wrest control from corporations who write legislation in 21st century America. Key note speaker Naomi Wolf, feminist author, Co-founder of the Woodhull Institute and Rhodes Scholar addressed our group. "I am here as a Jew and a friend and supporter of what you are doing. You are at a formative moment and as a social critic I see the time for a mass political left movement such as this could confronts theocracy and you have a tremendous potential to take back the country. "As a Jew, much of what I have been hearing encourages but also worries me. You must move forward without creating the same mistakes of the religious right! Fewer than a hundred people are here, but I see this could be the groundswell for the alliance of a multi-faith social justice movement. "You are at the Crossroads! Remember checks and balances? Remember when we had three distinct branches of government? "As a Jew, I warn you and offer a manifesto to confront the religious right. You must separate religion from politics! The idea of an enlightened religious left is essential for the national debate and the multiplicity of voices is good for democracy. The heavily funded hegemony seeking right wing causes my tribe to recollect and worry us. We Jews share a collective memory of the Crusades and Christian theocracies that were violent towards us. There is no way a Jew can see the religious right and not think of the Crusaders! Yes, violence has been chosen as the way in all religions, but nothing is more disastrous than one who has political power to torture! "What the Founding Father’s intended was a plurality of religions, freedom for all to express their faiths, to preach privately but enact one’s ethics publicly. Ethical practice and not claiming we must do this or that, because it is what Jesus said is what is required. We need activists and energy from all faiths to be involved in the political realm. Whenever anyone say’s God said XYZ, one must ask whose God they are referring to. "All faith traditions share Universal ethics but demagogues use fear and demonize the other. Ethical leaders lift people up; they speak to the ‘us’ and not about ‘them.’ Ethical leaders all agree on seven principals, the seven pillars of authentic faith which are: kindness, justice, truth telling, peacemaking, generosity, the equality of all people in God’s eyes for we all carry the divine spark, and that what ever we put out .es back around. "We go astray because this core message is so simple and universal it is difficult to put into practice. "It is easier to perform rituals than to allow our hearts to be changed and to serve God…It is more .fortable .plaining than offering a solution. It is easier to criticize than doing the dirty work of creation." A few, thoughtful, .mitted progressive Christians on the left have already rolled up their sleeves and are working in the trenches at the crossroads on the road to a new course for America. "Stand at the Crossroads and look. Ask for the ancient paths where the road is best. Walk in it and you will live in peace."-Jeremiah 6:16 About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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About the Author: I wrote Lessons For A Happy Marriage ( to help people save their troubled marriage and end the marriage crisis in our country; it’s about saving children. Let’s stop divorce. The problems go beyond the failures of marriage counselors. My life’s mission is to eradicate the need for divorce through focused education. If you’re married, tell your soul mate, "I love you." Read more on my blog: Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Marriage-Wedding 相关的主题文章: