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"CHAMATE restaurant closed down 600 yuan deposit funds to return recharge is a way for businesses to retain customers, consumers can enjoy certain preferential. But there is a risk of recharge recently, the Yangtze river network users broke the news, in the beginning of their recharge a restaurant chain called "CHAMATE" 600 yuan, recently to the consumer, has already found "shop floor empty". Carefully check found several CHAMATE restaurant in Wuhan city have been quietly closed shop, 600 yuan prepaid money do not know who to return. The restaurant chain closed shop 600 yuan recharge no back users Ms. Tian said CHAMATE restaurant, originally located in the northwest of the Lake Avenue building new world department store, four floor, is a characteristic of Taiwan tea restaurant, the company is headquartered in Shanghai, 6 stores were opened in Wuhan. The first to go to consumption in 2014, because I like to eat the food inside, in the guidance of the waiter for a membership card, the initial recharge is 600 yuan." Because from the work place, the dishes inside and taste, Ms. Tian became CHAMATE regular membership card after the amount of consumption will also end again, each time to charge 600 yuan". At the beginning of 2016, Ms. Tian finished the meal in CHAMATE, see the balance of the card is not much, they continued to charge 600 yuan. But not long after, Ms. Tian due to work reasons, to move to work far away from the restaurant. As a result, I have never been to this restaurant. Until recently, Ms. Tian think member Cary, there are 600 yuan not consumption, will once again visit chamate. But she did not expect is that the former CHAMATE already was replaced by a disappear without a trace, is the decoration of the Japanese restaurant. "A shop hey so do member Cary take wings to itself, the money?" customer service manager lost membership card based distinction yesterday afternoon, the Yangtze River Network reporter in the new world department store China World Trade Center four floor to see the original storefront CHAMATE restaurant has been playing around, known as a "small" Japanese restaurant is the decoration. The floor of a cleaning staff told reporters, CHAMATE restaurant as early as six months ago has withdrawn, originally posted a notice at the door, a long time gone. This argument has been confirmed by the new world department store staff. About six months ago, CHAMATE and the new world department store after the expiration of the contract did not renew, then directly removed, leaving only a man named Wang Li, the manager said, is dedicated to handling customer service issues." The staff provided Wang Li’s phone number, but the reporter repeatedly call, the number is in shutdown state. "Membership, have registered their mobile phone number and email address, since the restaurant to withdraw, at least should be notified by SMS or email to remind members of consumption or refund." Ms. Tian said. In search of Wuhan CHAMATE restaurant responsible person to no avail, Ms. Tian removed links to Shanghai CHAMATE restaurant limited. The company’s customer service asked Ms. Tian’s membership card number, said to 8 at the beginning of the membership card belongs to the franchisee to handle their own, with the headquarters of the loss has nothing to do with the beginning of the membership card is only responsible for the headquarters of the 6. And Ms. Tian’s membership card is to "8" at the beginning. Someone’s Restaurant license has been canceled lawyer reminded: rational charge.相关的主题文章:

Such as Yi Zhuan harem tour on-line Xun Zhou Li Qin; Dong Jie gongdou on what makeup —

Such as "Yi Zhuan" harem tour on-line   Xun Zhou Li Qin; Dong Jie gongdou on what makeup — Hainan window – Intro: "such as Yi Chuan" just boot, play play outside has four gunsmoke, Xun Zhou, Janine Chang, Dong Jie, Li Chun, Vivian Wu, nursery rhymes to enter the palace soon, Kejin official blog Li Qin, Hu Gong zaibao. Everybody empress small owners not only to compete for the emperor Wallace Huo in the play’s favor, Xiwai yen value competition has become a spectacle, seems to be the palace fighting in the end of the rhythm. (source: PClady) such as "Yi Zhuan" palace drama "such as Yi biography" self determination shot every act and every move can cause a stir, a few days before the drama of the official micro-blog has issued the two book in the palace, announced a new batch of actors, following Xun Zhou, Dong Jie, Yao Tong, Li Qin, Hu He in the palace! Such as "Yi Zhuan" starring lineup basically has full word, mom, this statue harem group is! But so far, in addition to Wallace Huo and Xun Zhou’s makeup according to the other drama, we have no way to know the main style. But according to Xiao Bian observed, these a harem group are not fuel-efficient lights, all have their own set up efforts, waiting to flourish. (commissioning editor Xing Dandan and Chen Haiyan)相关的主题文章:

Guangzhou 15 listed state-owned enterprises rose profits of up to 7 profit of up to 3 billion 981 mi-rosstallanma

Guangzhou 15 listed state-owned enterprises rose profits of more than 3 billion 981 million of the profits of the most Nandu news reporter Ren Xianbo in the first half of the year, Guangzhou, the state-owned enterprises listed on the surrender of the 15 how the report card? Nandu reporter combing 15 listed state-owned enterprises in 2016 semi annual report, which found that the return of Listed Companies in the 7 listed companies to achieve net profit growth of listed shareholders. Guangzhou Automobile Group won the title, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 3 billion 981 million yuan, an increase of 127.49%; followed by the Baiyun Mountain, the first half net profit of 830 million yuan, an increase of 7.3%. Industrial manufacturing, real estate business boom high net profit rose from the listing of state-owned enterprises, some of the first half of the manufacturing sector performed well. For example, the Guangzhou Automobile Group in the semi annual report said that the product unceasing enhancement, the star product promoted, the first half of the star products such as trumpchi G S4, Highlander, Chi bin and free light continued selling. Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is also the case, the first half of Baiyun Mountain net profit of 830 million yuan, an increase of 7.3%. In addition, Guangzhou radio group holdings of two listed companies and GRG Haige communication net profit increases. Radio and television express in the first half net profit of 3. 5 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 3.28%, Haig communications first half net profit of 195 million yuan, an increase of 15.34%. In this regard, GRG explained semi annual report, analysis the change of environment analysis, based on the company will be divided into the traditional service business, and expand in three major areas. For example, the traditional ATM business, a strong increase in market share, expand the scale advantage. Overseas business continues to advance steadily, such as in June 2016, the company became a partner of the European Central Bank, will provide a new version of the 50 euro banknote recognition technology services. Brothers, Haig communications also said that during the reporting period, the main business indicators of the company steadily, increase sales revenue, profit index more than 15%, to complete the annual goal of laying a good foundation in addition, communications services sector maintained a strong momentum of development, the new contract exceeds 1 billion yuan, up to now the company’s business to expand to 18 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government. By the first half of the real estate market to pick up, the real estate business performance is also ideal. Pearl River Industrial first half net profit of 1. 500 million yuan, an increase of 35.45%. Pearl River Industrial semi annual report explained that in the first half of 2016, domestic economic growth is facing downward pressure, new loans sufficient, low interest rates run, the market generally loose monetary policy. In this economic context, the real estate industry overall market trend. But the company also admitted that the opportunity and risk coexist. Food and beverage, retail, power companies net profit decline in the majority, compared to the net profit of Listed Companies in Guangzhou power companies fell mostly. For example, A suiheng Yun net profit for the first half of 230 million fell 15.54%. Its semi annual report explained that today’s macroeconomic slowdown, electricity demand is not strong, the electricity market is in a highly competitive complex operating environment. Similarly, the first half of Guangzhou’s net profit of 497 million yuan, down by 6相关的主题文章: