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Business Through best selling texts such as Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich to Rhonda Byrnes ‘The Secret’ obtaining that millionaire mindset is achieved by changing your mentality. Sportspeople and successful entrepreneurs in the past have full well known of this stepping stone in order to be successful. The tips gained from these readings are that your mindset is what affects how you perceive ideas and opportunities. When I was 16 I was working in my family business. My parents were in the rat race getting up early and .ing home late. I saw this as ‘good business’ as they were maximising their earning potential. When I was 18 and just started my bachelor of Entrepreneurship, I learned about more successful businesses that are systemized so that the business was still making money while the entrepreneur was not in the business. Today at 21 I am thinking a lot bigger with the ‘born global’ concept which I had no idea about 18 months ago. As you can see over the years I have developed my millionaire mindset. I can show you the stages by using the example of a generic business idea. From what I learned from my parents I would have opened a local store and serviced my local area working 60 hours or more a week. When I was exposed to scalable businesses I would have used my .works and the inter. to have a systemized business which I could market nationally. With my born global mentality today I would look to develop the business concept to be implemented in multi-national markets. The interesting thing about the concept above is that once the decision is made, the amount of time and effort to develop that idea is basically the same. In developing the mentality for a millionaire mindset there are steps needing to be taken. Aspiring entrepreneurs need to be respectful of taking small but frequent steps. If you take a huge leap you must remember you can go backwards just as quickly. A good process for building this process is found by the way of being a ‘serial entrepreneur’. What this means is to start a small venture, grow it and then exit. And then repeat this process by starting a slightly larger venture. My path has been a little different as I did have a limitation for experience because of my age. However with education by reading books I was able to give my self a head start when it came time for me to roll up my sleeves. I also gained a lot from hearing about others experiences. With your millionaire mindset just remember the only limitation is the ideas that your mind blocks. The best way to expand on your mentality is to experience as you can best judge then what is and is not possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: