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Changsha day bursts of two reported more than 20 people were giving names exposure original title: Ningxiang day two bursts of more than 20 people were giving names bulletin exposure Changsha evening news at present, Changsha city is to carry out the "plucking type of corruption and" correct "four winds", treat bad habits "two special rectification work. Ningxiang county departments at all levels to adhere to the "zero tolerance", to find two special problems in severely punished, and giving names bulletin exposure, the formation of continuous deterrent. Yesterday, Ningxiang County Commission informed the 8 "yanguobamao type of corruption cases and 17 public servants gambling illegal drug-related case. 8 "plucking type corruption case 1. suburban street chating Temple Village original village branch secretary Ye Canping power, bribery case. 2. ash soup Zhenning village committee member Li Xiangqun blocked the village level collective funds case. 3. Zi Fu Zhen Hu Yangping Cun Warburg, Huang Mingjun, Zhang Fuqiang used his position to facilitate the occupation of collective forest subsidies funds case. 4. Liu Shahe Town Stone Macun branch secretary Yu Genghui false impersonator subsidies case of returning farmland to forest. 5. gray soup Town Forestry Station cadres Zhang Baiyun power taking forest subsidies case. 6. County Public Security Bureau police detention center Hu Aibao breach of privilege, chinakayao case. 7., after paving the street forestry station owner Jiang Suqiong intercept misappropriation of special funds, dereliction of duty case. 8. ash soup, Zhenning village, Maple Bay Group former group leader Yu Guoxu suspected embezzlement collective funds case. 17 state officials gambling drug-related cases in 1. Yu Tan Street Office of comprehensive management office cadres Xiong Chunshan drug 2. Huaminglou town government safety management service center staff Lin drug money 3. county highway road maintenance service center staff Wen Bin drug trafficking 4. County Transportation Bureau Highway Management Station staff Zhou Junmin drug issue 5. County Center for Disease Control and Prevention the drug problem 6. Chen Shifang County Radio and TV station staff Yu Tieying drug issue 7. after shop Street Office of agricultural comprehensive management service center staff Zhou Qi drug problem 8. forestry station staff Xu Ba Zhen coal Yikai drug problem 9. cross town beach Hill Primary School Teacher Fu Maichao drug problem 10. gray soup town government management office staff Jiang Yi drug problem 11. White Horse Bridge Street the office of animal husbandry management station staff He Yujie drug issue 12. County Radio and television workers Ding Tielin drug problems 13. suburban street health center staff Zhang Meijiao gambling 14. County People’s hospital staff Zhang Shijun gambling 15. Huang Cai town center primary school teacher Jiang Aiwu gambling 16. Huang Cai Zhen as primary school staff Liu Biqun gambling 17. Xia duo Pu Zhen production safety management service center staff Zhu Jian Yu gambling (Changsha evening news reporter Li Jing Wang Tianhua correspondent) recommended Video: (video has nothing to do with the article, for further reading) save around the red cross! The first home security experience Museum in Ningxiang

长沙一天连发两期通报 20余人被点名道姓曝光原标题:宁乡一天连发两期通报 20余人被点名道姓曝光长沙晚报讯 当前,长沙市正在深入开展“雁过拔毛”式腐败问题和“纠‘四风’、治陋习”两个专项整治工作。宁乡县各级各部门坚持“零容忍”,对两个专项整治中发现的问题进行严肃查处,并点名道姓通报曝光,形成持续震慑。昨日,宁乡县纪委通报了8起“雁过拔毛”式腐败问题典型案例和17起国家公职人员涉赌涉毒违法典型案例。8起“雁过拔毛”式腐败问题典型案例1.城郊街道茶亭寺村原村支部书记叶灿平以权谋私、介绍贿赂案。2.灰汤镇宁南村村委委员李向群截留挪用村级集体资金案。3.资福镇华宝村胡样平、黄命军、张富强等人利用职务便利侵占集体退耕还林补贴资金案。4.流沙河镇原石马村支部书记喻更辉虚报冒领退耕还林补贴案。5.灰汤镇林业站干部张白云以权谋私套取退耕还林补贴案。6.县公安局看守所民警胡爱保滥用职权、吃拿卡要案。7.历经铺街道林业站站长蒋素琼截留挪用专项资金、失职渎职案。8.灰汤镇宁南村枫树湾组原组长喻国旭涉嫌侵占集体资金案。17起国家公职人员涉赌涉毒典型案件1.玉潭街道办事处综治办干部熊春山吸毒问题2.花明楼镇政府生产安全管理服务中心职工林钱吸毒问题3.县公路局公路养护服务中心职工文斌贩毒问题4.县交运局公路管理站职工周军民吸毒问题5.县疾病预防控制中心职工陈仕芳吸毒问题6.县广播电视台职工喻铁英吸毒问题7.历经铺街道办事处农业综合管理服务中心职工周奇吸毒问题8.煤炭坝镇林业站职工徐懿楷吸毒问题9.横市镇滩山小学教师符迈超吸毒问题10.灰汤镇政府城管办职工姜毅吸毒问题11.白马桥街道办事处畜牧管理站职工贺宇杰吸毒问题12.县广播电视台职工丁铁林吸毒问题13.城郊街道卫生院职工张美娇赌博问题14.县人民医院职工张诗军赌博问题15.黄材镇中心小学教师姜爱伍赌博问题16.黄材镇石龙洞小学职工刘碧群赌博问题17.夏铎铺镇生产安全管理服务中心职工朱建宇赌博问题(长沙晚报 记者 李静 通讯员 王天花)推荐视频:(视频与文章无关,仅供延伸阅读) 红十字救在身边!全省首家“家庭安全体验馆”落户宁乡相关的主题文章: