Changzhou, a man jumped down to find the police rescued were outraged when challenged-jcuv是什么车

Changzhou, a man jumped down when enraged to find police rescued challenged the Yangzi Evening News Network September 22nd news (reporter correspondent Kim Jun Zhang Bin) two days ago, Mr. Wang was lying in bed playing mobile phone class, tired of playing the wash bed, is the biggest reward a day’s hard work. However, such a quiet but was not far from the roar of breaking. Mr. Wang went to the window to look outside, standing on the top floor of the opposite Hotel, a man, intended to commit suicide. Mr. Wang hurried to the police station, Xinfeng Street police station quickly arrived at the hotel, after climbing to the top floor found that the top floor of the rooftop also built two storey high water tank. While men commit suicide is climbed down the ladder to the top of the water tank. Police found that jumping from the two storey water tank does not fall directly to the first floor, but fall on the roof, the roof space is narrow, unable to expand the life pad. Therefore, once the man heart jumped, wounded or dead. Then, police patiently carry out its dialogue, as the man speaking in a strong dialect, and speak no logic, the police did not understand why he discouraged that to jump. However, the police are still talking with him, and finally heard a sentence, "you can not beat me."". The police rapid response, daring: "that singled out down." The man was apparently inspired morale, from the ladder to climb down, police and fire the men quickly under control. After understanding, the man speaks his name, but speak without logic, the police contacted his father. After his father arrived, he said he was working in Changzhou. His son was mentally ill. He was discharged from the hospital a few days ago. The police let the father take good care of their children, continue to send to the hospital for treatment.

常州一男子跳楼被激怒 下来找民警单挑时获救扬子晚报网9月22日讯 (通讯员 金俊 记者 张斌) 前两天,王先生下了班躺在床上玩手机,玩累了洗洗睡觉,算是一天辛苦工作后最大的犒劳。可是,这样的宁静却被不远处的大吼声打破。王先生到窗口往外一看,对面宾馆顶楼竟然站着一名男子,意欲轻生。王先生急忙报警,新丰街派出所民警很快到了宾馆,在爬至顶楼后发现,顶楼天台上还建有两层楼高的水箱。而轻生男子正是顺着铁梯爬上了水箱的顶层。民警发现,从两层楼高的水箱跳下不是直接摔至一楼,而是摔在天台上,天台空间狭小,无法展开救生垫。因此,一旦男子想不开跳下,非死即伤。于是,民警耐心与其开展对话,由于男子操着浓重的方言,且说话毫无逻辑,民警并不能领会到他为何灰心以至于要跳楼。但是,民警仍然和他进行着对话,终于听明白了一句“你打不过我的”。民警快速反应,使用激将法:“那下来单挑。”男子显然被激起了斗志,从铁梯上爬了下来,民警和消防迅速将男子控制住。经了解,男子说出了自己的姓名,但说话毫无逻辑,民警联系了其父亲。父亲到场后表示,自己在常州打工,儿子精神方面有疾病,前几日病情稳定才出院。民警让父亲看管好自己的孩子,继续送至医院接受治疗。相关的主题文章: