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Chen Runer: Deepening the reform of enterprises   relying on scientific and technological innovation to accelerate industrial upgrading — local leaders — original title: Deepening the reform of enterprises rely on technological innovation to promote industrial upgrading transformation and development in September 10th to 11, (Henan) governor Chen Runer went to Pingdingshan research industry development and Reform of state-owned enterprises. He stressed that Pingdingshan as a resource-based city, we must continue to deepen the reform of enterprises, relying on scientific and technological innovation, accelerate industrial upgrading, out of a sustainable development path of transformation. Under the new normal economic development, cultivate new economic growth momentum, promote economic restructuring, the key lies in innovation and development. The morning of September 11th, Chen Runer came to the Pingdingshan science and Technology Industrial Park of ZTE, inspected the enterprise intelligent terminal R & D and production base, to listen to the development of enterprises in the intelligent manufacturing, data center, environmental technology, new energy and other new technologies, new industry introduction. Chen Runer expressed his appreciation for the development of hi tech Industrial Park in Pingdingshan. He will encourage enterprises to technological innovation and market demand in the future together, at the same time the development of terminal industry, relying on the advantages in the field of electronic information, research and development efforts to increase the transport of multimodal transport, tourism information etc., to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. He also told the local authorities, "the innovation is to grasp the development, and innovation is the future", to make full use of ZTE group brand benefit, comprehensive strength, scientific and technological content, drive the electronic information industry upgrading, help restructuring and development of Pingdingshan city. In the county of Baofeng Stainless Steel Industrial Park, Chen Runer, Bao Tong, Baolong has in-depth Xianglong three stainless steel enterprises, local research to undertake industrial transfer, the development of stainless steel industry cluster. 1 million 500 thousand long tons of stainless steel hydraulic leveling project from Xiang, to Baolong stainless steel cold rolling project, 100 thousand tons to Bao Tong continuous color without fingerprints of stainless steel plate production line, and one by one oexamine. In Baotong study, when the person in charge of the enterprise production lines of businesses with a number of invention patents, the trial run this year after sales prospects, Chen Runer said recognition, encourage them to continuously improve the level of science and technology, the development of deep processing, increase the added value of products. In Ho visits, when they heard that the enterprise is a downstream user Xianglong, and Baotong suppliers, Chen Runer said, the industrial development is to strive to extend the industrial chain, to attract supporting enterprises, enlarge the industrial cluster. He pointed out that Baofeng county should not only to build the stainless steel processing base in north of the Yangtze River’s largest, but also the use of the location of Central Plains area, energy construction stainless steel sales and logistics system, through the upgrading of the industrial integration, and has become the country’s major stainless steel processing center, trading center, distribution center. As for coal, and according to the resource type city of coal and Xing, to resolve the overcapacity of reform, the transformation of Pingdingshan’s peaceful development of coal and other large state-owned coal are closely linked. During the investigation, Chen Runer also hosted a special forum to listen to Pingdingshan, Pingdingshan Shenma Group, etc. to resolve excess capacity, the disposal of zombie enterprises, to promote the reform of state-owned enterprises report. He pointed out that with the deepening of the reform of state-owned enterprises, the disposal of zombie enterprises necessary and urgent. According to the law to dispose of zombie enterprises, both to promote the structural reform of the supply side, to resolve相关的主题文章: