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Chen Wenhui: the radical insurance companies will focus marker – Sohu financing "Bao Wan dispute behind for universal insurance funds dispute and other a series of venture capital placards event, making the insurance funds in recent years has been pushed to the There was no parallel in history. in the teeth of the storm. It is true that while the scope of insurance funds investment is expanding, the risks caused by some external factors and internal factors are gradually accumulating. Recently, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Chen Wenhui wrote an article on the use of insurance funds is currently facing ten major risks, and that the CIRC will focus on companies including radical, insurance firms and key business to further strengthen supervision. The use of insurance funds ten risks of the front-end release, manage and back-end of the overall regulatory ideas, the use of insurance funds allocation of single channel, long-term yields low contradictions and problems have been resolved very well, the insurance industry in the past two years, the rate of return on investment in the creation of a new time. However, under the influence of various external factors and internal factors, the use of insurance funds is also facing a severe situation, the risk is becoming more and more complex. Chen Wenhui cited the current insurance funds used to face the ten major risks. In the external investment environment, Chen Wenhui said that the current domestic and international macroeconomic situation is complicated, the uncertainty of the economic situation increases the difficulty of asset allocation, asset shortage "challenge, also determines the asset allocation of insurance is becoming increasingly difficult, difficult to maintain a high level of investment income. China Insurance Regulatory Commission data show that in the first half of this year, the rate of return on capital utilization 2.47%, down by 2.69 percentage points. At the same time, the bond market defaults frequently, insurance funds portfolio credit risk exposure increased. More than the insurance information management executives have the first financial daily said that this year’s credit risk is the primary risk they are concerned about. Chen Wenhui said that individual investment defaults may affect some of the larger exposure to credit risk and lax control of the company. As of 10 steel debt in the event of default, 6 insurance companies a total investment of 610 million yuan. At the same time, the insurance institutions to obtain higher returns, had to improve the risk tolerance, increase the risk of high risk bonds, debt and trust asset allocation, resulting in the promotion of credit risk portfolio. In addition, with the participation of insurance funds in the financial markets and the real economy of the breadth and depth of continuous improvement, the use of insurance funds and risk has profound economic and financial risk combination together, the risk of the complex, infectious and superposition. From the industry situation, the insurance company’s assets and liabilities at the end of the prominent contradictions. Chen Wenhui said that the current contradiction mainly is: from the static perspective, risk spread loss caused by the high cost of debt; from the dynamic perspective, the high cost of debt forced to form a high risk of aggressive investment, is likely to lead to greater risk. Behind the high cost of debt is part of the insurance company’s aggressive medium and short term universal insurance product strategy. Chen Wenhui said that some universal insurance settlement rate reached 6%, plus fees, commissions and other expenses, the cost of capital in 8%, or even higher to 10%, so the high cost of capital, has far exceeded the bonds and other fixed income assets income level. These high cost funds to obtain high-yield, forced insurance.相关的主题文章: