Chengdu subway is now pregnant man called for greater space for pregnant women gamelink

Chengdu subway is now "pregnant man" called for greater space for pregnant women – Sichuan online news (reporter Su Chang Zhang Wen) said that men can be pregnant, do you believe it? And today evening peak, Chengdu metro line two, there have been many pregnant man. "Pregnant women" male care for pregnant women called on the first working day after the evening peak, crowded subway station. In the metro line two car several slightly "bloated", a man walking posture strange let people have eyebrows. "Pregnant women" men belly, wearing a uniform T-shirt emblazoned with a great space to love yourself more pregnant women is not easy, please give more space for pregnant women is not easy, please give more freedom of pregnant women is not easy, please give more inclusive passengers There were many discussions. Many people have come up with a mobile phone camera, and some people still give up "" the male seat, to help pregnant women pregnant man stooped to pick up something. The passengers asked "why pregnant women and men" as one of the "pregnant women, pregnant women and men" responded: "we this is a father like the mission of spontaneous activity, is to call on everyone to pregnant women more space and more attention and care". On the same day, two lines through the Hui station, a pregnant woman placed along the street stalls, selling many good fineness bag. The pregnant woman with a megaphone shouting to attract passers-by. Stand also set a sign: pregnant women is not easy for children to empty the cloakroom, a sell price collection for many years. Physical discomfort can only bear their own, to remove the pressure of work as well as the role of psychological transformation of their own work. Fathers are busy to earn milk money, mother always alone and from companies, hospitals, home 3.1. Need more space, freedom and tolerance. Love yourself and treat yourself as someone else. Love yourself, love others, be kind to your heart and life. Give life more space, whether it is the soul or live. Give yourself more space, whether it is survival or ideal. At the right time to put a long holiday, to see the sea mountains and rivers; and two or three friends to look forward to the long-awaited film, eat delicious food; buy a Book of interest, quietly read and experience. At home, give yourself a special room, you can draw and write and everything you want to do. Custom favorite kitchen, baking barbecue arbitrary. On the balcony, the sun and the breeze and fleshy flower garden. It’s like the words on a dad’s T-shirt, "there’s room for love". The world have a brilliant future, looking for greater space, love yourself a bit more, and the ideal life together.相关的主题文章: