Children cough do not panic, three tips to teach you to use the Sohu wit baby baby ppbox

Children cough do not panic, three tips to teach you to use EVA wit – Sohu in the viscera of maternal and child development is not perfect, especially the lungs delicate, although respiratory protective barrier of their own, but are in the stage of growth is not perfect, such as respiratory mucosa, narrow lumen soft, airway mucociliary function is low, will cause the respiratory tract in children "attack", and therefore often cough for children, is very common, about "cough" topic, it is often the key to talk about mom and dad. How can a child cough quickly? I believe most of the parents will be the first time to turn to drugs, in order to treat as soon as possible. Among them, anti-inflammatory drugs, cough, cough syrup is a high frequency of use of drugs, but most of the time did not seem to have what use, the child has been coughing is not good. This is caused by a large extent because the parents did not identify the results of medication. Treat cough in children, we must first clarify the situation, if there is no sputum etc.. Most people have a cough will affect the normal working life, for children is more serious, it is likely to lead to poor breathing and other adverse consequences. So it is very important to choose the right drug for symptomatic treatment. For children to take cough medicine, to choose a specific drug for children. There are three kinds of methods: a look at the drug name, to medicine for children with "children" selection of the product name, not only through the identification of single product packaging on whether there is a cartoon to distinguish; two instructions, the children’s medicine instructions are often based on children of different age or body weight, with division of medicine the dose does not appear vague "by taking" a class of words. Three look for the brand recognition, specializing in the production of children’s medicine brand, these brands after a long time of consumer purchase inspection, quality assured. The above points and the children usually have characteristics of cough sputum on Yitanjing is a good medicine for treatment of respiratory diseases in children. According to eryansuo Dr. Zhang, if the child cough phlegm significantly, or have obvious regularity, such as morning and evening activities after cough, cough, coughing, chocolate and other sweets after aggravating, and if the children have obvious allergies, frequent cough and wheezing. In these cases, usually recommend yitanjing. Because the safety is guaranteed, the hospital met children cold have a fever to cough and phlegm, will also use "yitanjing". And as a drug designed for children, the drug for oral solution, colorless clear liquid aroma, sweet taste is very suitable for fear of bitter taste of the baby. And its role for a long time, two times a day. Whether children go out or go to kindergarten, do not need to carry, very convenient to use. But there is no Yitanjing codeine addiction and dependence. Many mothers are clear, cough medicine containing central ingredients in cough, cough related neural inhibition and at the same time, may also have inhibitory effect on other mild nerve, and these drugs are addictive, children there is some risk of. Every child is a parent of the "heart", preferring to get sick, not to be a little child.相关的主题文章: